Hillsong Conference Live

Hillsong Conference Live

5 Seasons

Your exclusive ticket to all things Hillsong Conference featuring amazing international speakers, stunning worship moments and insightful interviews.

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Hillsong Conference Live
  • Live at Sydney with Earl McClellan and Carl Lentz

    Episode 1

    Kicking off the new season of Hillsong Conference Live is an action packed episode featuring a backstage interview with Ps Brian Houston, first time Hillsong Conference special guest Ps Earl McClellan sharing from the main stage, an in-depth interview with Ps Carl Lentz as well as a special appea...

  • Live at Sydney with Brian Houston and Christine Caine

    Episode 2

    Head to the mainstage of Hillsong Conference for Pastor Brian Houston's message, "It's Beginning to Rain". We also hear from a Theology panel as they discuss the topic of inclusion. Join UNITED backstage and hear Christine Caine's foyer interview right here on Hillsong Conference Live.

  • Live at Sydney with Brooke Ligertwood and Bill Johnson

    Episode 3

    Experience Hillsong Conference as we catch up with Brooke Ligertwood backstage where she talks about personal worship and spiritual discipline. We also head to the main stage where Bill Johnson delivers a powerful word on 'The Renewed Mind'.