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Live at Sydney with Bill Johnson and Louie Giglio


Up Next in Hillsong Conference Live - 2019

  • Live at Sydney with Hillsong Worship ...

    Join Joseph Prince in the main arena of Hillsong Conference for his message ‘Fallen from Grace’. We head backstage to chat to Earl McClellan, while Nathan Finnochio interviews Hillsong Worship in the foyer.

  • Live at Sydney with Louie Giglio and ...

    Join Louie Giglio in the main arena for his incredible message titled, "Fresh Wind and Fresh Revival". We head backstage to talk to Bill Johnson, while our foyer team interviews relationship experts John and Helen Burns.

  • Live at Sydney with Christine Caine, ...

    Join Carl Lentz in the main arena as he delivers an inspiring message titled, “I’m Getting Better”. Head backstage as we interview Christine Caine, while our foyer team chats to JD and Ben Hastings. Our Theology Panel continues their discussion on Restoration.