Hillsong Teaching with Carl Lentz

Hillsong Teaching with Carl Lentz

61 Episodes

A dynamic speaker and best-selling author, Carl is passionate about the church being the light and hope in the city in which it serves and lives to see the gospel transform people's lives around the world. He and his wife Laura are Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church New York.

Hillsong Teaching with Carl Lentz
  • The Key to Life

    Episode 1

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers a message titled “The Key to Life”. In John 14 Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Carl uses this powerful thought to speak hope and life over us as he reminds us all of what it's all about, and who to turn to when pressure and adversity are against us.

  • Own the Moment: Part 1

    Episode 2

    Pastor Carl Lentz kicks off part one of “Own the Moment” as he challenges us to be people who seize all opportunities and be all that God has called us to be. What does it truly look like to own every moment of our lives?

  • Own the Moment: Part 2

    Episode 3

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers part 2 of “Own the Moment”. Imagine a world with responsive Christians, ready to jump into any situation and own it? God has a plan for each of us to serve Him and make an impact, and it's only by choosing to own those moments, be accountable and step up to the challeng...

  • From Here to There: Part 1

    Episode 4

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers a powerful message titled “From Here to There”. Let's not be content to stay where we are, when God has something better for us. God is calling us to grow, lead, and to step out of our comfort zones; He is calling us forward to something new.

  • From Here to There: Part 2

    Episode 5

    Pastor Carl Lentz continues a series about stepping into God's best for your life. In this episode, Carl talks about serving - the essential quality that unlocks God’s potential in your life. Are we in it for what we can get? Or what we can give?

  • One Step Ahead

    Episode 6

    Pastor Carl Lentz brings an inspiring message motivating us to live the best life God has for us, so we can be ready for whatever opportunity He presents us with.

  • God's Plan - Part 1

    Episode 7

    Is it possible that we have got lost in the mystery of “the will of God” and overlooked the simplicity of the Gospel? Pastor Carl Lentz breaks it down and explains God's plan for our cities, and His plan for us personally.

  • God's Plan - Part 2

    Episode 8

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers an outstanding message on purpose. Living life on purpose makes all the difference. There is no reason you should be confused or unclear on what God's purpose for your life is, and what His purpose for the world is.

  • It Is Still Well With My Soul

    Episode 9

    Pastor Carl Lentz speaks about the condition of our hearts and the amazing wonder of God's faithfulness. We can stand on the truth that He cares for our soul, now and into the future. Authentic trust in Jesus means that we don't have to labour in vain, we can rest in the knowledge that He really ...

  • Church In The Wild

    Episode 10

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers one of his signature sermons in this episode. What does it look like to be a church deeply emerged in people’s lives? An inspirational message that will rejuvenate followers of Christ, with a reminder of what the mission is all about.

  • This Is Us - Part 1

    Episode 11

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers a passionate and heartfelt message, challenging us to be the kind of church, and kind of people, that God desires us to be. A church that always welcomes home whomsoever walks through the doors.

  • This Is Us - Part 2

    Episode 12

    Pastor Carl Lentz continues a series on “THIS IS US”. What key characteristics should we embody as we aim to be an authentic church of Jesus? Jesus challenged His disciples to love one another, the way He loved them. Carl unpacks the way church ought to love it's neighbour in today's culture.

  • Now Or Never

    Episode 13

    There are moments in life that you cannot miss and opportunities we can’t pass by. The Holy Spirit challenges us, calls us, and we need to make a decision on whether we will say yes to the promptings of God. Pastor Carl Lentz challenges us to step forward and honor the convictions set before us.

  • I'm Making Progress - Part 1

    Episode 14

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers a powerful message on making progress in your Christian walk. If you love practical bible-based teaching that will help you walk out your everyday then this message is for you!

  • I'm Making Progress - Part 2

    Episode 15

    Pastor Carl Lentz continues on the topic of “Making Progress” in a way that will have you inspired and challenged. He gives great biblical insight to the idea of position versus purpose, amongst other challenges we face in today’s society.

  • Making Moves

    Episode 16

    Pastor Carl Lentz shares about making progress in your Christian walk. You may not see things happening in your life that you want, but be encouraged because Jesus is still at work in you.

  • This Didn't Happen Overnight - Part 1

    Episode 17

    In part one of this two-part series, Pastor Carl Lentz speaks about the slow and steady process of growing in our faith. Getting saved can be an overnight process but learning how to live for God takes a lifetime. Carl teaches us how to grow, become true disciples and seek God across our lives.

  • This Didn't Happen Overnight - Part 2

    Episode 18

    Are we expectant for the future God has in store for us? In part two of this series, Pastor Carl Lentz continues speaking about the power of longevity in the faith. He also reminds us that God is continually doing a new work within us.

  • From a Mile Away

    Episode 19

    Pastor Carl Lentz presents a powerful message on hearing from God and seeing the blessings and opportunities all around you, even in the middle of your problems.

  • I Will Fight - Part 1

    Episode 20

    Join Pastor Carl Lentz in the first part of this two-part special on the worthy fight for a life of faith. Carl teaches from Romans 7, and shows us that to fight the fight well, we need to be aligned with other Christians who will stand together with us.

  • I Will Fight - Part 2

    Episode 21

    Pastor Carl Lentz continues preaching on the worthy fight for a life of faith. Carl unpacks Luke 9 and shares some powerful words about laying down our own agendas to take up the way of the cross. To fight this worthy fight, we need a conviction to stand on, people to lean on and a plan to follow.

  • I Will Fight - Part 3

    Episode 22

    Pastor Carl Lentz continues with the third message in his “I Will Fight” series. Life is a fight and if we are gaining ground, then the enemy is losing ground. Carl asks us, once we find the right things in life to fight for, are we willing to fight for them?

  • Can Someone Please Tell Me Where We Are Going?

    Episode 23

    Pastor Carl Lentz passionately preaches on our direction in life. This is a sermon to ensure people of where they’re headed and to inspire them to stay the path. God is most concerned with us knowing that HE is the destination and we are on the journey to draw closer to him.

  • I'm Just So Grateful

    Episode 24

    Pastor Carl Lentz challenges us with the question, “How would you sum up your relationship with Jesus in one sentence?” He continues to inspire us not to lose our grateful spirit. Carl uses Luke 17 to encourage us around the strength of gratitude.