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I'm Getting Better - Part 1


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  • I'm Getting Better - Part 2

    Join Carl Lentz for part 2 of his message, “I’m getting Better”. There comes a point in life where you cannot change yourself, you need the help and presence of God in you! Carl speaks from Acts 19 – the Holy Spirit changes you! It is where our hope, grace and good thinking comes from.

  • I'm Getting Better - Part 3

    Join Carl Lentz for “I’m Getting Better”, part 3 of this encouraging message. Carl talks about the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. God didn’t save us to have a decorative faith. The Holy Spirit came upon us to give us power to impact the world around us.

  • How Far Do You Want to Go With This?

    Join Pastor Carl Lentz for this incredible message titled ‘How Far do You Want to go with This?’. Carl encourages us to be real and bring all of us to God so He can restore and refocus us. Do you want to be consumed by God all of the time?