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I Will Fight - Part 2


Up Next in Hillsong Teaching with Carl Lentz

  • I Will Fight - Part 3

    Pastor Carl Lentz continues with the third message in his “I Will Fight” series. Life is a fight and if we are gaining ground, then the enemy is losing ground. Carl asks us, once we find the right things in life to fight for, are we willing to fight for them?

  • Can Someone Please Tell Me Where We A...

    Pastor Carl Lentz passionately preaches on our direction in life. This is a sermon to ensure people of where they’re headed and to inspire them to stay the path. God is most concerned with us knowing that HE is the destination and we are on the journey to draw closer to him.

  • I'm Just So Grateful

    Pastor Carl Lentz challenges us with the question, “How would you sum up your relationship with Jesus in one sentence?” He continues to inspire us not to lose our grateful spirit. Carl uses Luke 17 to encourage us around the strength of gratitude.