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Up Next in Hillsong Teaching with Carl Lentz

  • Let's Keep it Moving

    Pastor Carl Lentz teaches from Isaiah 43 - there is nothing in our lives that God has not got a purpose in. Stay open to the Holy Spirit so that God can bring about change in your life, and through us, change in the people’s lives around us.

  • Talk is Cheap - Part 1

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers a challenging message titled, “Talk is Cheap”. Our actions speak louder than words - we need to be kind to people. We also need to be prepared to be inconvenienced if we are going to show true love to a world that desperately needs it.

  • Talk is Cheap - Part 2

    Pastor Carl Lentz delivers part two of his message “Talk is Cheap”. Carl continues a thought on integrity in our Christian faith that actions speak louder than words. Closing the gap on who we say we are, versus who we really are!