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Thank You Thank You Thank You - Part 2


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  • It's Time to Turn the Page

    Pastor Carl Lentz asks, “Do we need to turn the page of our faith story, and who we believe Jesus to be?” God has empowered us to make sure are not the same person everyday. Keep flipping the pages of your story – God’s calling you to grow.

  • Stay Wonderful

    Pastor Carl Lentz encourages us to “Stay Wonderful”. We should have a sense of wonder in our faith. God's word and the salvation He offers us should never lose its value or hope in our lives. Wonder protects your life from perpetual wander!

  • Let's Keep it Moving

    Pastor Carl Lentz teaches from Isaiah 43 - there is nothing in our lives that God has not got a purpose in. Stay open to the Holy Spirit so that God can bring about change in your life, and through us, change in the people’s lives around us.