Hillsong Teaching with Dan Blythe

Hillsong Teaching with Dan Blythe

6 Episodes

Dan is an articulate communicator and innovative leader, who is passionate about people and the call of God on their life. Combining humour and creativity, Dan brings a voice of wisdom and relevance to the world we live in.

Hillsong Teaching with Dan Blythe
  • Levels

    Episode 1

    Pastor Dan Blythe looks at the story of Joseph and shares about going to the next level in our faith. Sometimes Joseph went backwards before he was able to go forwards God’s plan often requires us to push through hard circumstance so we can get to the next level.

  • Innovation Station

    Episode 2

    Today's talk is titled 'Innovation Station'. Dan Blythe believes the church is the station - we don't just come for good ideas, but for God ideas. We need relevant platforms for the good news to be heard by the next generation.

  • Prayer Keys

    Episode 3

    Pastor Dan Blythe, reminds us that we shouldn't endure prayer, but should enjoy prayer. There is no formula, but rather the position of our hearts. He uses the Lord's Prayer to help us pray.

  • Bad Blood

    Episode 4

    Pastor Dan Blythe shares ways to help you overcome unforgiveness and find freedom. We don't have time for unforgiveness within the Church, so let's deal with our “bad blood”.

  • The Power of Collaboration

    Episode 5

    Pastor Dan Blythe speaks on “The Power of Collaboration”. Sin stops us from collaborating with God-the innovator. Jesus is the ‘trend-setter’ – God’s way for us to collaborate with the father and with each other.

  • Y'all Mind if I Praise God

    Episode 6

    Has our praise become dormant and are we just going through the motions? Pastor Dan Blythe asks, “Y'all Mind if I Praise God?” in this episode as he explores the real meaning of praise. Authentic praise starts with surrender.