Hillsong Teaching with Darren Kitto

Hillsong Teaching with Darren Kitto

6 Episodes

Darren Kitto has been a Pastor at Hillsong Church since 1995. His role as International Ministry Director involves overseeing the Hillsong Channel, Hillsong TV, Hillsong Family, Hillsong Leadership Network, Hillsong’s Aid and Development and Disaster Relief initiatives. Darren now lives in California with his wife Karen and 4 children.

Hillsong Teaching with Darren Kitto
  • Finding Greatness in the Tough Times

    Episode 1

    “Finding greatness in tough times” is a message of encouragement from Pastor Darren Kitto where he shares honestly about his own struggles. Learn Biblical principals on trusting God that will help you no matter what your circumstance is.

  • Locked and Loaded

    Episode 2

    Darren Kitto delivers a strong message, “Locked and Loaded”. Darren encourages everyone to be fully committed to the things of God, because when we position ourselves in His will, He can use us in a phenomenal way.

  • Love God Love People

    Episode 3

    Pastor Darren Kitto unpacks Matthew 22:36-40 where Jesus is asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” A question meant to challenge, receives an answer that changes the world: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength, and love your neighbour as yourself. What would our world...

  • Stay Away From The Edge

    Episode 4

    Darren Kitto teaches on the value of keeping margin in our lives in order to be generous. Darren encourages us to find the breathing space so we can do the things we are truly called to do. If you're tired or weary, this sermon will help with practical tools on how to avoid falling over the edge!

  • Freedom

    Episode 5

    Darren Kitto takes us through the book of Galatians to reveal what true freedom looks like. It starts with a personal revelation, but being set free always ends up empowering others around us. Freedom comes at a cost, but it is always worth it.

  • The Middle Season

    Episode 6

    Pastor Darren Kitto brings encouragement for those who feel stuck in the middle of the promise and the victory. Learning to live in the in-between is a challenge and was even a challenge for the Israelites. Darren points us to their story in Judges and shows us what we can learn about how to resp...