Hillsong Teaching with Donna Crouch

Hillsong Teaching with Donna Crouch

6 Episodes

Donna is an articulate and compelling speaker, who has been on staff at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, for more than 25 years. She is passionate about championing the cause of justice and seeing lives transformed by the power of Christ through the local church.

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Hillsong Teaching with Donna Crouch
  • The Generations

    Episode 1

    Pastor Donna Crouch delivers a powerful message about the importance of each generation. She explains how Jesus treated the different generations in His time and how he challenged the ‘norm’ which was often controversial.


    Episode 2

    Pastor Donna Crouch looks into the meaning of love in this episode - how is it different for each of us and what does God say about love? Love is more about serving others than it is about others completing you.

  • Get Planted

    Episode 3

    Pastor Donna Crouch delivers this challenging message titled, ‘Get Planted’. Donna encourages us to think about ourselves as connected in a church family. Are we planted in a church community? What does it look like to be firmly planted into a church community?

  • New Roads New Rivers

    Episode 4

    Donna Crouch talks about faithfulness. Jesus unpacks this in the parable of the talents. All God asks us to do is to increase - how do we grow what’s in our hands right now? Grab the opportunity and do your best under Him.

  • Leading Yourself To The Secret Place

    Episode 5

    In this great leadership message, Pastor Donna Crouch encourages us to seek the wisdom of God. Donna looks at the life and trials of David, and how he led himself when opposition was against him. We can all grow in the area of speaking life over our circumstances.

  • The Sacred Space

    Episode 6

    Pastor Donna Crouch delivers a powerful message titled, “The Sacred Space “. Donna talks about God’s Word as our instruction manual for life. Donna encourages us to be strong and courageous for God is with us.