Hillsong Teaching with Donna Crouch

Hillsong Teaching with Donna Crouch

2 Seasons

Donna is an articulate and compelling speaker, who has been on staff at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, for more than 35 years. She is passionate about championing the cause of justice and seeing lives transformed by the power of Christ through the local church.

Hillsong Teaching with Donna Crouch
  • Dare You To Move

    Episode 1

    Donna Crouch teaches about moving forward in her message titled "Dare You to Move". She uses the story of the four men in 2 Kings 7 to shine light on the character of God and encourage us to press on.

  • The Fearless Church

    Episode 2

    Donna equips us to be more courageous and confident in her message "The Fearless Church". She draws 3 simple things out of Ephesians to show us who we really are in Christ.

  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    Episode 3

    "Who do you think you are?" is the question Donna asks. In this message she reveals lessons we can learn from the story of the prodigal son to get us thinking about our inheritance in Christ.

  • Dealing with Discouragement

    Episode 4

    In Donna's message "Dealing with Discouragement" she gives us simple steps from the psalms on how to deal with discouragement to put steel in our soul and faith in our hearts.

  • God of All Hope

    Episode 5

    There isn’t a person or a situation that isn’t too far gone for Jesus Christ. In Donna Crouch's message "God of all Hope" she reminds us that God wants to bring hope to the tough places and even chronic situations. She uses the story of the man who was set free from demons to spur us on in faith.

  • The God Who Sees Me

    Episode 6

    Pastor Donna Crouch reminds us that our heavenly Father is always working despite the chaos. In "The God Who Sees Me”, Donna focuses on the truth that God sees, hears and responds to our pain.