Hillsong Teaching with Nathanael Wood

Hillsong Teaching with Nathanael Wood

5 Episodes

Nathanael is the Hillsong State Leader for New South Wales, Australia. He has a passion for preaching and speaking on leadership capacity and development. His teachings inspire, challenge and help people move forward in the things God has for them. He and his wife, Bec live in Sydney with their 4 children.

Hillsong Teaching with Nathanael Wood
  • A Vision That Changes Things

    Episode 1

    Pastor Nathanael Wood talks about changing our circumstances and seeing spiritual momentum. Nathanael encourages us to live with a vision so big that you would give your all to achieve it. We see breakthrough in our circumstances when we go after a Christ-centred vision.

  • A Resolve That Changes Things

    Episode 2

    Pastor Nathanael Wood continues his series on vision, looking at a resolve that changes things. We need to be people of resolve, with a holy determination not to quit! Great things happen when we resolve to stick at our faith, stay with our family, or resolve those situations that weigh us down.

  • A Calling That Changes Things

    Episode 3

    Pastor Nathanael Wood talks about living with a strong sense of divine calling. He draws three observations from when he sensed God called him. Nathanael encourages us to discover what God is calling us to.

  • Meek Moments & Fearless Horses

    Episode 4

    Pastor Nathanael Wood defines the difference between gentleness and meekness. He gives us three examples of when Jesus was meek, and encourages us to be the same.

  • My Nephew's Big Ears

    Episode 5

    Pastor Nathanael Wood digs into the book of Acts and a part of the Apostle Paul's journey. He looks at the destiny of Paul and the Sovereignty of God. What we think might be a coincidence, could in fact have God's hands all over it.