Hillsong Teaching with Peter Toganivalu

Hillsong Teaching with Peter Toganivalu

2 Seasons

An engaging, passionate and humorous communicator, Peter Toganivalu (Toggs), is the youth and young adults pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia, alongside his wife Laura. He is dedicated to seeing a ‘young and free’ movement rise up across the earth, finding true life, joy and freedom through knowing Jesus Christ.

Hillsong Teaching with Peter Toganivalu
  • Precious Cargo

    Episode 1

    In his message "Precious Cargo", Peter Toganivalu encourages us to think generationally and be more aware of the generations past, present, and future. He imparts four key things that we can do to help build the next generation.

  • Set Yourself

    Episode 2

    Are there some things in your life that need to be reset? In Peter Toganivalu's message "Set Yourself" he uses technology to illustrate how sometimes we need to check our settings to make sure that our mind, eyes and heart are set on the right things.

  • Beautiful Mess

    Episode 3

    There are times in life we can be so focused on the chaos and mess that we can miss the bigger picture. In "Beautiful Mess" Peter Toganivalu highlights how our mess isn't too difficult for God to turn around for good, and he reminds us of things that can get us through times of chaos.

  • God in the Shadows

    Episode 4

    Peter Toganivalu speaks a message on the nature of God and how He is working in the unseen. Peter encourages us to remember that there is always more going on behind the scenes that we don't see and gives us 2 promises to declare over our lives.

  • Peace in the Piece

    Episode 5

    Sometimes we don't know God's whole plan, but we know a piece of it. Peter Toganivalu uses the example of a jigsaw puzzle piece to show how frustrating it can be when God doesn't show us the whole picture. Peter gives us three ways we can have peace while we are waiting on God.

  • Stay in the Fight

    Episode 6

    Peter Toganivalu shares about the importance of staying in the fight and remaining steadfast in tough times. He encourages us with three bible-based tips to help us stay in the fight.

  • Shoulder to Shoulder

    Episode 7

    Peter Toganivalu speaks about the importance of community in his message titled "Shoulder to Shoulder". The enemy wants to disconnect us, but Peter encourages us to stick together in tough times, giving examples of when his church family have been there for him.

  • Let it Flow

    Episode 8

    What happens when the river stops flowing? In "Let it Flow", Peter Toganivalu uses the illustration of a river to convey some of the effects from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights some key areas that might need the touch of God to get things flowing again.