Hillsong Teaching with Phil Dooley

Hillsong Teaching with Phil Dooley

5 Seasons

A gifted communicator, Phil mixes a blend of humour with Biblical wisdom and is passionate about bringing hope to the generations. Phil, along with his wife Lucinda are Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church South Africa.

Hillsong Teaching with Phil Dooley
  • A Mindset for Momentum

    Episode 1

    Join Pastor Phil Dooley for this message titled, A Mindset for Momentum. How do we think? The Bible has a lot to say about how we think. Phil unpacks this topic with humour and wisdom.

  • When God Moves Things Happen

    Episode 2

    Pastor Phil Dooley delivers a powerful message about what it requires to see a move of God happen! Phil breaks down unity, prayer and extraordinary generosity and explains the impact each of these make not only in our lives but the lives of others.

  • Fake Fruit and Real Time

    Episode 3

    Pastor Phil Dooley speaks about the value of patience in this sermon, “Fake Fruit & Real Time”. Do you see time as an advantage or disadvantage? If we are patient and take the time to work on becoming healthy, then we too will produce great fruit in our lives.

  • Outward or Inward

    Episode 4

    Pastor Phil Dooley asks whether our focus for our lives is internal - on ourselves - or external - on God and the lives of others? Imagine the impact we could make if we took our eyes off ourselves and invested into the wellbeing of others?

  • You Asked For It!

    Episode 5

    Pastor Phil Dooley speaks about the power of prayer and not being afraid to make the ask! Phil delivers Biblical wisdom on how to pray and connect with the heart of God. Keep praying even if you feel disheartened or like you’re not being heard.

  • Adventures of the Sheep Pack

    Episode 6

    Pastor Phil Dooley speaks about “Adventures of the Sheep Pack”. Phil brings humour and wisdom to this message about community and trusting in God's guidance and direction. God is our good shepherd – what lessons can we learn from the life of a sheep?

  • Understanding Your Value

    Episode 7

    Join Pastor Phil Dooley as he teaches an encouraging message about your value, identity and your worth. You are valuable, loved and treasured by God and this sermon injects life and energy into those who feel discouraged.

  • I Can See In The Dark

    Episode 8

    Pastor Phil Dooley preaches a sermon entitled “I can see in the Dark”. God has a vision for your life, and often what helps get us there are small steps, not giant leaps.