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We Can Be Hero's - Part 2


Up Next in Hillsong Teaching with Phil Dooley

  • It was More than a Dream

    Pastor Phil Dooley speaks around the story of Joseph and his process through pain to the promise. Pain is an inescapable part of life, but if we persevere and hold to the promise, God can do wonderful things through our pain.

  • One Life For the Benefit of Many

    Speaking about the life of Joseph, Pastor Phil Dooley explains how pain is a part of life, but God used it to strengthen and refine Joseph and teach him a great many lessons. What man intended for evil God was able to use for good, and He will do the same for you today.

  • We Need Each Other

    Pastor Phil Dooley continues his series on “Better Together” as he looks at how we need each other. Today’s society sees a great number of people who struggle with loneliness. For some reason we fail to connect on a deeper level with others, despite there being more devices and ways to connect.