Hillsong Teaching with Robby Lewis

Hillsong Teaching with Robby Lewis

9 Episodes

Robby is passionate about the Word of God and people getting a real revelation of the Gospel. Born in the USA, Robby is now the campus pastor of the Hillsong Church Central London location.

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Hillsong Teaching with Robby Lewis
  • Why Are You Still Looking at the Sky?

    Episode 1

    Pastor Robby Lewis talks about our purpose on earth to share the gospel message. Jesus is risen, so we have a mission! This gospel message has the power to change to lives.

  • The Mission of Christ

    Episode 2

    Are we radical about the cause of Christ and getting to know Him? The church is about Jesus and taking the mission of Christ to the world around us. Pastor Robby Lewis encourages the church to look after people and meet them at their need.

  • The Lord's Prayer

    Episode 3

    Jesus showed us how to pray by using the Lord's Prayer as a start to understanding society. Pastor Robby Lewis encourages us to not simply scroll past, but to actually engage with the world around us.

  • Kingdom

    Episode 4

    How we think, changes what we believe, which then affects how we behave. Pastor Robby Lewis, encourages us to look at the full picture of God's Kingdom, and study His Word so that we don't just pick and choose the parts we like or want to.

  • There Is Another King

    Episode 5

    Pastor Robby Lewis reminds us that we are ordinary people with a radical message, who can do great things in this world. As Christians, we have an extraordinary message to tell the word - King Jesus, the Messiah.

  • The Gospel

    Episode 6

    Pastor Robbie Lewis teaches from Mark 2 in this episode. Jesus asks Levi to follow Him, despite what he was doing and how he was thought of. People change when they have an encounter with Jesus and His grace.

  • Jesus, the Fullness of God

    Episode 7

    Pastor Robby Lewis uses the Apostle Paul's challenge in Corinthians to teach us that the message of Jesus is enough. We still struggle with feeling 'right' before God, just like the early church did. This message encourages us to live in the freedom Jesus gives us.

  • Carrying One Another's Burdens

    Episode 8

    Pastor Robby Lewis preaches from the book of Chronicles in this powerful message about helping carry each other’s burdens. With God, tomorrow can be better than today and His promises can become our reality despite all what is going on around us.

  • Finding Freedom

    Episode 9

    God has a future for us! He wants us to experience freedom in Him and this freedom starts in Jesus. In this episode, Pastor Robby Lewis encourages us to believe what the Word of God says about Him and live a life that is free in Christ.