Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson

Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson

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Robert brings passionate and profound insight into the Word of God, and is a key member of the preaching and teaching team at Hillsong Church globally. He is also the host of Hillsong Channel’s original series What Do You See?.

Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson
  • The Spirit and the Bride

    Episode 1

    Pastor Robert Fergusson takes us through the book of Acts to teach on the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Church. Robert helps us understand the importance of being in-step with the Holy Spirit and how we can be in partnership with Him.

  • The Time of Your Visitation

    Episode 2

    Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a hope-filled message titled "The Time of your Visitation". Have you ever wondered why you became a Christian when you did? Robert teaches from the book of Matthew and the stories of Zacchaeus, the blindman and the ten lepers.

  • The Path of the Righteous

    Episode 3

    Pastor Robert Fergusson teaches from Proverbs 4:18, highlighting practical ways that can help us live a righteous life. Join Robert for this challenging titled "The Path of the Righteous"

  • The Package is on the Way

    Episode 4

    Do you ever wonder how to conduct yourself as you live in the tension between what you have and what you don’t have yet? Pastor Robert Fergusson gives us five practical ways we can live in the waiting in this message titled, “The package is on the way”.

  • An Unusual Citizenship

    Episode 5

    Robert Fergusson brings a message titled "An Unusual Citizenship". Robert uses an Old Testament story to help us navigate hard seasons and how God sees us as Christians.

  • What are You Telling Yourself

    Episode 6

    Robert Fergusson delivers a message titled, "What are you telling yourself?" Robert talks about the Jewish customs of remembering what God has done and encourages us with five things that we can claim over our life.

  • The Footsteps of the Forgiven

    Episode 7

    What is it like to truly live forgiven of your sins? Robert Ferguson brings a message titled " The footsteps of the forgiven”. Robert looks at the story of 'the woman caught in adultery' and focuses on 4 things that was true of her that is also true of us.

  • What Does This Mean For Us

    Episode 8

    Robert Fergusson brings a message titled "What does this mean for us?" He looks at the day of Pentecost and what happened on that day. Revivals go back to the day of Pentecost – what can we expect on the day of Pentecost.