Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson

Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson

39 Episodes

Robert brings passionate and profound insight into the Word of God, and is a key member of the preaching and teaching team at Hillsong Church globally. He is also the host of Hillsong Channel’s original series What Do You See?.

Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson
  • The Man With No Idea

    Episode 1

    Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a message titled “The Man With No Idea”. It is not a place that changes us - it is a person. Robert focuses on the events in John 5:2-13 and points out what Jesus did for the man more than just healing him from his sickness.

  • Tables Talk

    Episode 2

    Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a message “Tables Talk”. What does your table say about you?Jesus ate with his disciples many times - in the early church eating was central to the faith. Robert highlights the principles of eating food together.

  • The Father's Word Is Final

    Episode 3

    Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a message titled “The Father’s Word Is Final”. We need to take on board heaven’s perspective. In a world that voices many arguments, divisions and accusations in order to overcome, we should look at what God’s final word, found in Revelation 12:7-12 says.

  • God's First Question

    Episode 4

    Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a message titled “God's First Question”. Why does God ask questions when he already knows everything? Robert challenges us to think, speak and act differently by looking at the questions God asked Israel.

  • Ascending by Descending

    Episode 5

    Join us for a message from Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson titled “Ascending by Descending”. Robert preaches from Psalm 131 on pilgrimage. Since becoming a Christian, Roberts has learnt key lessons every 10 years, he shares what these are.

  • I Know My Rights

    Episode 6

    Hillsong Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a message called “I Know my Rights”. Jesus has given us all authority, but why don't we receive it? Robert looks at John 1:10 and teaches us about authority.

  • I Have a P.G.C.E

    Episode 7

    Pastor Robert Fergusson asks what is in your hand, what has God given you? God can use anything for His plan and His purpose. Robert looks in Exodus and the story of Moses to show examples and encourage us of how we can use what we've been given.

  • Go Tell That Fox

    Episode 8

    Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson wants us to get angry at the devil who tries to rob us of things in his message titled “Go Tell That Fox”. Robert identifies some things in our life that can rob us, just like a fox robs a farmer of his livestock.

  • What Is Real Love?

    Episode 9

    Pastor Robert Fergusson poses questions that make us think about what “real love” is. In this episode, Robert helps us to identify what love truly is and describes it as a matter of life and death.

  • The Sigh of Compassion

    Episode 10

    Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a challenging message on compassion. How do we have the ability to be compassionate and how do we demonstrate compassion to others? We may look rough on the outside but God looks at the heart.

  • An Invitation to a Desert

    Episode 11

    How could we be encouraged living in desolate desert? In this message, Pastor Robert Fergusson teaches us about how God drew His people into the desert to free them from their 'lovers' so to speak. Robert points out five lovers we need to remove in today’s world.

  • What Kind of Man is This?

    Episode 12

    Jesus was not just another teacher; He had divine authority. Pastor Robert Fergusson talks about the radical differences that set Jesus apart from the other teachers of the law. If we are to be like him - what does He demand of His followers?

  • Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow

    Episode 13

    Pastor Robert Fergusson is a phenomenal teacher. In this message he illustrates being in rhythm with the Holy Spirit by using the "Quick Step" as a guide. Robert likens our relationship with the Holy Spirit to a dance we have to learn.

  • Acts 29

    Episode 14

    Pastor Robert Fergusson encourages us from Acts 29 that ordinary people can be empowered to do extraordinary things for God. Robert unpacks how the Holy Spirit transforms ordinary people. He gives five truths about the Holy Spirit we see in the book of Acts.

  • Praying at Midnight

    Episode 15

    Pastor Robert Fergusson ignites a revival spirit and challenges our expectation of God. Robert encourages us to release the power of prayer in our midnight hour of desperation, using Paul and Silas’ midnight prayers in jail as an example.

  • Don't Leave Your Gift at the Door

    Episode 16

    Pastor Robert Fergusson teaches on the Red Letter Series with a message titled, "Don't leave your gift at the door.' Looking at the words of Jesus, Robert focuses on our purpose and mission on the earth.

  • Glorious Inner Strength

    Episode 17

    Robert Fergusson speaks from Ephesians 3, inspiring us to believe beyond our imagination. God wants us to believe for the impossible and to ask for the unimaginable to develop a glorious inner strength for God to fulfil His purposes.

  • The Extravagant Dimensions of Christ's Love

    Episode 18

    Pastor Robert Fergusson teaches us from Ephesians 3 and the extravagant dimension of Christ's love. We all need this kind of love in our lives; rooted and established so that we are not shaken when troubles come our way.

  • Full In The Fullness Of God

    Episode 19

    Robert Fergusson teaches us from Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians church. We love to measure and contain everything, but God is saying that His world is immeasurable. God wants us to think differently and remove the limitations.

  • How To Find Your Wall Creeper

    Episode 20

    Perhaps there is a part of the Bible you have read, but are yet to experience? Pastor Robert Fergusson shares his passion for biology and birds in this message as he encourages us to go on a journey where God can fulfil the promises He has for us.

  • True Miracles

    Episode 21

    Robert Fergusson teaches us about Elijah, an ordinary man in an impossible situation - he needed God to act. We need a good theology on miracles to understand them and we need to believe in a God who can intervene.

  • No Miracles

    Episode 22

    Robert Fergusson speaks about miracles - things that interrupt the natural order of things and point to Jesus are true miracles. God loves using the unlikely to do His mighty works, so don't let self get in the way of what He wants to do.

  • Half Miracles

    Episode 23

    Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson talks about “Half Miracles”. What do you do when you pray and pray, but only get HALF a miracle? Robert expands on this complex subject, and encourages us on what to do the perspective to have.

  • The Stand & The Struggle

    Episode 24

    Robert Fergusson challenges us to put on the armour of God. We all suffer and struggle, but suffering can be a great teacher. We need to learn to take a stand because the war, the armour and the Victory is not ours, but God's.