Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson

Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson

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Robert brings passionate and profound insight into the Word of God, and is a key member of the preaching and teaching team at Hillsong Church globally. He is also the host of Hillsong Channel’s original series What Do You See?.

Hillsong Teaching with Robert Fergusson
  • Matthew: A Life of Submission

    Episode 1

    What do we put first in our lives? Pastor Robert Fergusson explores this question and shows us what we can learn from Matthew and Jesus’ example of submission. If we want the benefits of the Kingdom, we require submission to the king.

  • A Full 180 Days

    Episode 2

    We can learn a lot about ‘revivals’ from looking into past revivals in the church. In this episode, Pastor Robert Fergusson digs into three past revivals and shows us what we can learn from them. Robert also looks into the book of Esther and compares the biblical parable to other revivals through...

  • John the Blacksmith

    Episode 3

    Robert Fergusson shares a message on how prayer is essential in seeking for revival, but what should we be praying for? Robert suggests three key things that John the Blacksmith prayed for in 1949 that we ourselves can pray.

  • Mark: A Life of Service

    Episode 4

    Robert’s message is centred around the Gospel of Mark, and how he write about Jesus' heart and mission to serve. Speaking from personal experience, Robert shares important lessons he has learnt about leading a servant life, and gives you practical steps on how to live a service after Gods heart.

  • Luke: A Life of Sacrifice

    Episode 5

    Pastor Robert Fergusson teaches from the gospel of Luke and shows us how Luke was the only gospel writer to record "the cost of discipleship" parable in Luke 14:38. Join Robert as he explains the three fundamental elements to sacrifice and what it looks like to count the cost of discipleship.

  • John: A Life of Sonship

    Episode 6

    Pastor Robert Fergusson looks at the gospel of John and how it takes us on a journey of identity. Who are we in Christ? What does it look like to be a child of God and what are the benefits of being His children?

  • A Very Present Helper

    Episode 7

    Pastor Robert Fergusson talks about how we need God daily to help us to do the things we can't do on our own; how He wants to empower and transform us through His Spirit. Robert shares three truths about the Holy Spirit that is important for us to understand.

  • The Man Who Caught On Fire

    Episode 8

    In a world that is so outward focused, God is inward focused - what really matters is that we are on fire for God. Join Pastor Robert Fergusson as He looks at what we need to be on fire for God.

  • The Presence of God Has No Counterfeit

    Episode 9

    Pastor Robert Fergusson talks about the transformative presence of God and what happens when the presence of God enters our lives. Robert highlights characteristics of God’s presence, and why it is so important.