Hillsong Teaching with Terry Crist

Hillsong Teaching with Terry Crist

6 Seasons

Terry is a phenomenal preacher of the gospel, with an unwavering devotion to the Word of God and the truth and hope it brings. With passion for local community transformation, he is also the host of Hillsong Channel's original series, Cafe Theology with Terry Crist. Terry and his wife Judith are Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church Phoenix.

Hillsong Teaching with Terry Crist
  • Training for Reigning

    Episode 1

    Join Pastor Terry as he encourages us around purpose and fulfilment through the life of King David. Although much of his ministry was public, years of it were spent in private. Pastor Terry encourages us that God does his best work in us, in the moments where we may feel forgotten or neglected.

  • Rally in the Valley

    Episode 2

    Pastor Terry covers the legendary battle of David versus Goliath, and relates it to some of the giants we face in life today. He teaches biblical principles on how we have a God who fights our battles and he encourages us to keep running the race God has set out before us.

  • Leaving the Ledge of Lust

    Episode 3

    Join Pastor Terry and his wife Judith as they speak on “Leaving the Ledge of Lust”. Even at the height of his reign, King David committed adultery. Terry and Judith teach from the life of David and offer practical insights on how to protect and safeguard yourself from temptation.

  • Prophet, Priest & King

    Episode 4

    Pastor Terry teaches on the character qualities and giftings of King David, some of which were also very present in the life of Jesus. He reminds us that God has given us specific gifts and talents and he unpacks how we can identify them in order to serve one another better.

  • This or That

    Episode 5

    Pastor Terry highlights the power of our choices and their impact in our life. He draws on wisdom from the book of Deuteronomy where it challenges us to choose life, and from there he looks at how much we can learn from God's word about healthy decisions.

  • Of Dust and Breath

    Episode 6

    Pastor Terry Crist teaches about the wonder and beauty of being made in the image of God. He reminds us that no matter our differences we are all called to be God’s image bearers and every single person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Us Vs Them

    Episode 7

    Pastor Terry brings a powerful message on unity reminding us of God’s original design for humanity. Jesus is the one who brings people together regardless of race, gender and anything that would cause division. It’s a timely reminder to look to Jesus to see how to treat one another.

  • Race, Relationships & Reconciliation

    Episode 8

    Terry Crist brings a powerful message about the racial divide in society and how we can be instruments of change. He reminds us of an incredible encounter where the apostle Paul spoken about racial reconciliation in the city of Athens. Terry unpacks some truths we can apply to our lives.

  • Satisfied in the House

    Episode 9

    What would it look like to truly flourish in God's house? Terry unpacks this thought and encourages us around the hope and purpose we find when we commit to building God's house, the local church.