Hillsong Teaching with Terry Crist

Hillsong Teaching with Terry Crist

6 Seasons

Terry is a phenomenal preacher of the gospel, with an unwavering devotion to the Word of God and the truth and hope it brings. With passion for local community transformation, he is also the host of Hillsong Channel's original series, Cafe Theology with Terry Crist. Terry and his wife Judith are Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church Phoenix.

Hillsong Teaching with Terry Crist
  • Learning to Breathe Again

    Episode 1

    Pastor Terry Crist speaks about the Prophet Elijah bringing life back to a child after the child had passed away. Even when we feel all hope is lost and the moment has passed - God can still perform miracles. A faith stirring sermon about God's ability to breathe life into us, no matter what situ...

  • Top Line, Bottom Line

    Episode 2

    Filmed in Jerusalem, Pastor Terry Crist speaks about Top Line, Bottom Line. God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. If we focus on putting others first and expressing generosity outwardly then we live the sort of counter cultural lifestyle that God calls us to.

  • Highs and Lows: Psalm 120-121

    Episode 3

    Pastor Terry Crist speaks wisdom from the Psalm of Ascent. He shares about hardship and teaches directly from Psalm 121, which encourages us not to look to the hills, but to look to the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth.

  • Highs and Lows: Psalm 122

    Episode 4

    Pastor Terry Crist speaks on the Psalms of Ascent, looking at Psalm 122. We can learn a lot from this journey of highs and lows, and Terry unpacks 5 powerful truths which can help guide us during turbulent times.

  • Highs and Lows: Psalm 126

    Episode 5

    Pastor Terry Crist teaches on Psalm 126. Terry reminds us how closely the cry of the Psalm echoes the issues we face in our world today. Terry speaks about racism, the unrest in America, and the stresses our world is enduring, offering powerful truths we can learn from this Psalm.

  • Highs and Lows: Psalm 133

    Episode 6

    Pastor Terry Crist teaches from Psalm 133 and its pursuit of unity. Where there is unity, God commands blessing but unity can be difficult to achieve in this current landscape of a pandemic and racial tension. Terry is joined by a panel of men who talk about fatherhood, racial tensions and their ...

  • Highs and Lows: Psalm 134

    Episode 7

    Pastor Terry Crist continues his series “Highs and Lows”, teaching from Psalm 134 and the blessings of God. An encouraging sermon about having a pure heart and pure motives when we worship God in spirit and in truth.

  • The Happiest Man in Rome

    Episode 8

    The Apostle Paul was beaten, flogged, shipwrecked, isolated and thrown into prison. It was from prison that he wrote his letter to the Philippians which is commonly regarded as the letter of Joy. Despite his circumstances how is it that the Apostle Paul was the "Happiest Man in Rome"? Terry Crist...

  • Citizens of Heaven and the Good News of Jesus

    Episode 9

    Pastor Terry teaches from the life of Apostle Paul where he reminded the early church that they are citizens of Heaven, not of Earth. Join Terry as he challenges us in the same way to bring Heaven to Earth in the places we work, shop, eat and play.

  • No Worries, Mate

    Episode 10

    Pastor Terry Crist addresses anxiety and worry, sharing his story of dealing with panic attacks and stress. The word of God has a lot to say about mental health and Terry uses Philippians 4:6 as his guide, speaking into the importance of prayer and thanksgiving.

  • Breakthrough in Lockdown

    Episode 11

    From the book of Philippians, Pastor Terry Crist teaches about breakthrough in lockdown. He unpacks the wisdom from the letter Apostle Paul wrote from inside a prison cell to the church of Philippi. If you've felt captive then this is a must watch episode.

  • What Do You Want From Me?

    Episode 12

    Join Pastor Terry Crist & special guest Pastor Warren Stewart as they seek to answer the question, "What do you want from me God?”. This is a meaningful conversation about purpose, making a difference and what it truly means to honour God.