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What is humility? Join us as we explore the true meaning of humility and how to operate out of a spirit that is free of ‘self’ but not timid.

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  • Creating Margin For Action

    Pastor Ben Houston preaches on the beatitudes, focusing on humility. The Bible says that God blesses those who are humble - what does true humility look like? Is it a sign of weakness or deep seeded strength? Ben shares great insights from the Sermon on the Mount.

  • Going Further: The Power Of Weakness - Part 2

    Join us for part two of Pastor Brian Houston’s series, “The Power of Weakness”. Brian explains how we are not where we are today because of our own strength, but because of our weaknesses and humility, which allows God to work in and through us.

  • Meek Moments & Fearless Horses

    Pastor Nathanael Wood defines the difference between gentleness and meekness. He gives us three examples of when Jesus was meek, and encourages us to be the same.

  • Pure Heart

    Inspired by his recent visit to Israel, Pastor Ben Houston continues his teaching on the Beatitudes - this time looking at the words of Jesus, "Blessed are the Pure in Heart." Ben unpacks this and shares some powerful insights on how we can apply this verse to our daily lives.

  • The Book Of Daniel: Humility

    Pastor Ben Houston felt compelled to study in depth the book of Daniel. In this episode he looks at the overarching theme of the sovereignty of God and specifically at the idea of humility.

  • The Worshipping Church - Part 1

    Pastor Brian Houston preaches a special message from Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference on how to create a church where creativity and worship thrives. Brian shares on how we need to grow our gift, but still understand the importance of an attitude of humility and the right heart for servin...

  • Wisdom Makes A Way! - Part 4

    Part 4 of Pastor Brian Houston’s wisdom series - Wisdom Makes A Way. Brian talks about the importance of humility and how pride is always followed by a fall. Are we living a life where God can trust us with blessing and fruitfulness?

  • You and Your Worst Enemy - Part 2

    Join part two of Pastor Brian Houston’s message from Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference. Brian continues his series ‘You and Your Worst Enemy’ with a discussion on pride and humility. If we want to be the vessel that God intended us to be, then we must not live ruled by our ego and pride.