John Gray

John Gray

John Gray and his Wife, Aventer, lead Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Before this, John served many churches as a youth pastor, young adults pastor and singles pastor. John describes himself as a bridge builder – using his charisma, humour, experience and musical abilities to bring people together and teach people about Jesus.

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John Gray
  • 12 Years To A Miracle - John Gray

    Pastor John Gray delivers a powerful message about healing and breakthrough. Based around the woman in the Bible with the issue of blood, this message will inspire and encourage you!

  • Desperate Worship - John Gray

    John Gray charges up the room with his message about being desperate in worship. Shaped around the story of the woman with the Alabaster Jar, John explains the tremendous power released when a woman comes before God in heartfelt and desperate worship.

  • The Untouchables - John Gray

    John Gray preaches a message titled “The Untouchables”. There is no better representation of the hands and feet of Jesus than when you reach and extend to those who have nothing to give you in return. Jesus was always looking for broken and this is where the church needs to reflect Jesus more.

  • Kings & Thieves - John Gray

    Pastor John Gray delivers a powerful message titled 'Kings and Thieves'. Anonymity is the breeding ground for greatness! God doesn't build leaders on platforms; He builds them where nobody can see them, so that when they are known, they cling to the voice of God.

  • Somebody Get Me To Jesus - John Gray

    Pastor John Gray, preaches from Luke 15, speaking about the power of relationships. We learn that through vulnerability with Jesus, we can have access to a new identity and legacy.

  • Shrinking For Expansion - John Gray

    Pastor John Gray shatters any preconceived ideas we have about our place within the kingdom of God in his titular Hillsong Conference 2018 message, ‘There Is More’, reminding us it’s not presumptuous or prideful to believe God for more, it’s our birthright and it’s biblical.

  • A Song in the Night - John Gray

    In this episode, John Gray speaks honestly about walking through one of the darkest times in his life. Sometimes, trouble matures you in a way that a comfortable life never can.

  • Leave The Door Open - John Gray

    In this Fathers Day message, Pastor John Gray speaks from Luke 15 - the parable of the Prodigal Son. This story is an earthly picture of a heavenly reality - through vulnerability with Jesus, we can have access to a new identity and legacy.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - John Gray

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. and John Gray sit down in the Foyer Studio at Hillsong Conference 2018 for a discussion about his transition from Associate Teaching Pastor at Lakewood Church, to Senior Pastor of Relentless Church in Greenville South Carolina.

  • John Gray

    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. talks to John Gray about Hillsong Conference as a meeting point for church leaders. John discusses the church engaging with culture, and being relevant and having a strong relationship with God in a social media age. John talks about his new book “I am Number Eight”.

  • Brian Houston with John Gray

    Sit down with Pastor Brian Houston and guest speaker Pastor John Gary as they chat through Pastor John’s life, his journey, his many talents and his conviction that life is too short, get your joy back.

  • Shrinking For Expansion - John Gray

  • The View from the Top - John Gray

    As followers of Christ, we can have a continued expectation that the best is yet to come. We can look beyond our current experience into all that God has for us. In this episode, John Gray encourages us to see things from the mountain tops knowing that there is more as we walk in faith.

  • John Gray

  • Leadership Hour with John Gray | Wayne Alcorn

    Pastor Brian Houston interviews Pastor John Gray in the segment Leadership Hour. We also hear a message from Wayne Alcorn, National President of Australian Christian Churches, who reminds us that God framed up the size and magnificence of the world we live in, and so do we.

  • Live at Sydney - with John Gray & Lauren Daigle

    Join Pastor Joel A'Bell for his Spheres session while Terry Crist and Niyah Rahmaan chat to Grammy Nominated Artist Lauren Daigle. Go backstage with Dr Robi Sonderegger and hear from Rich Wilkerson Jr as he talks to Jon Gray about drawing close to God.

  • Live at Sydney with John Gray and Jay Argaet

    Join Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston in the foyer studio as they talk about the history and growth of Hillsong Conference. John Gray delivers a powerful message “A Song in the Night’, while the theology panel discusses community.

  • Live at Sydney - with Christine Caine & John Gray

    Terry Crist and Niyah Rahmaan talk to Christine Caine at Hillsong Conference. We go backstage with Craig Groeschel, plus we hear a powerful message from John Gray. Hillsong United Perform "So Will I" – all this and more at Hillsong Conference.

  • Run Into Worship - John Gray

    Special guest Pastor John Gray reminds us of the importance of ‘Running Into Worship’ and the power that comes with praising through, regardless of circumstance.