Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is a world-renown Bible teacher and New York Times bestselling author. Joyce’s powerful testimony and the 130 books she has written, have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. Joyce is passionate about helping people who are desperate and so founded Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, and also established Project GRL, an initiative to help give women and girls who are marginalized by society or their circumstances a chance to become all God has created them to be. Joyce and her husband Dave call St. Louis, Missouri, home where they also founded the St. Louis Dream Center in 2000.

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Joyce Meyer
  • Do Yourself a Favour and Forgive - Joyce Meyer

    In this episode, Bible teacher and author Joyce Meyer shares her extraordinary story of overcoming the hurt caused by the abuse against her, and how forgiveness was an essential part of her healing.

  • Surrender - Joyce Meyer

    Joyce Meyer teaches from Romans 16 in this episode. She reminds us passionately that we cannot change ourselves! Surrender your life to God. If you let God put you in a position, there is nobody who can bring you down!

  • Spiritual Maturity - Joyce Meyer

    God will never love you anymore than He already does right now. Join Joyce Myer as she inspires and encourages us on ‘Spiritual Maturity’. It's important that we start somewhere with God and then go somewhere. He wants us to move with Him!