Laura Toggs

Laura Toggs

Together with her husband Peter, Laura Toggs pastors the youth ministry of Hillsong Church. Laura is a visionary, much like her father Ps. Brian Houston. She is the pioneer of Hillsong Young & Free, and ‘The Secret Garden TV’ – a space designed to reach and inspire young women by compelling them to dig deeper into the things that consume their hearts.

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Laura Toggs
  • Don't Just Survive, Thrive - Laura Toggs

    In a world where so many people are simply just surviving each day, Laura Toggs touches on some of her own struggles. Join us for this inspiring message as Laura challenges us to pick ourselves up, continue trusting in God, and to keep digging for more out of life.

  • P E A C E: The Message

    Hear a message about stepping out of the traffic of life from Pastor Laura Toggs.

  • Bobbie Houston & Laura Toggs

    Pastor Bobbie Houston and her daughter, Laura Toggs, talk about Bobbie's heart for Colour Conference, placing value on womanhood, Laura's heart for young women and the Secret Garden, and the importance of honest and vulnerable leadership.

  • Bobbie Houston & Laura Toggs - Part 2

    Your hosts Niyah Rahmaan & Sarah Morgan interview Pastor Bobbie Houston and her daughter Laura Toggs. Laura talks about navigating the world of social media and using it as a force for good, while Bobbie talks about some of the things that have helped her "stay the path".

  • Peter & Laura Toginavalu

    Pastor Terry Crist and your host Niyah Rahmaan sit down to talk with Peter and Laura Toggs, about Young and Free Merchandise and how it helps start conversations about church. Pete and Laura open up about being intentional and authentic in youth ministry and the vision they have for Young and Free.

  • Laura Toggs in the White Chair

    In the “White Chair” is Laura Toggs who talks about waiting for God. The presence of God is worth the wait; to bring authentic worship takes a moment to step outside of your world and its distractions to give a long, loving look at God.