Leadership Collective

Leadership Collective

2 Episodes

Join a panel of influential leaders from around the world hosted by Darren Kitto, discussing some of the biggest questions facing leaders in all spheres of life.

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Leadership Collective
  • The Art of Building Stand-Out Leaders with Special Guest Rich Wilkerson Jnr

    Episode 1

    On this show, pastors from around the world ask our guest panel questions, who then discuss the answers. Join host Darren Kitto as he discusses questions such as, “How to release the next generation of leaders while remaining in charge?”

  • Raising Leaders, Hearing From God, and the Art of Communication

    Episode 2

    On this show pastors from around the world put questions to the panel, who then discuss the answers. In this episode expect questions such as, “In this generation how do we change the way we communicate?” and “How do you hear from God?”