Leanne Matthesius

Leanne Matthesius

Leanne Matthesius is an Australian born, California living pastor. Together with her husband Jurgen, Leanne pastors Awaken Church in San Diego, California. From meeting in hotels, school gymnasiums, and performing arts centers, Awaken Church has grown to a multi-campus and multi-generational church seeing lives changed and impacted every week. Leanne is a vibrant speaker with a brilliant sense of humour who helps bring to life the story of Jesus and who He is in our lives.

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Leanne Matthesius
  • Brave Girls - Leanne Matthesius

    In this message from Colour Conference 2020 in Sydney, Australia, special guest Leanne Matthesius challenges us to live in freedom from fear. God has not given us a spirit of fear; His peace will guard our hearts and minds. Leanne shares practical tools for how we can overcome fear in our lives.

  • The Story Of Deborah - Leanne Matthesius

    We are living in a world that is gripped by fear - but it is time to rise up! Pastor Leanne Matthesius gives a great illustration from the story of Deborah about the importance of using our voice to turn the atmosphere around, the value of unity and the blessing of calling out the strength in tho...

  • Stand Your Ground - Leanne Matthesius

    Leanne Matthesius shares her powerful testimony of praying for her son when he battled a drug addiction; seeking God for a miracle in their home. What areas of life do you need to stand your ground in? Leanne challenges and inspires us to hold firm to the promises of God.