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Let's Talk with Brian Houston

Let's Talk with Brian Houston

5 Seasons

Join Brian Houston and special guests as they share their journey of how God has shaped their lives and the lessons they've learned in the process.

Let's Talk with Brian Houston
  • Greg Laurie

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston talks to Greg Laurie, an evangelist who has worked alongside people like Billy Graham. Greg shares the story of his salvation and opens up about the death of his son.

  • Chad Veach

    Episode 2

    Join Brian Houston as he talks to Chad Veach, Pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles. Chad shares the story about his daughter and her health condition and how it prompted him to write a book.

  • Casey Treat

    Episode 3

    Brian Houston’s long time friend, Casey Treat, shares his journey from drug addiction to his encounter with God. Casey talks about his mentor who helped him through the highs and lows during this time.

  • Jentezen Franklin

    Episode 4

    Join Pastor Jentezen Franklin as he talks about the power of fasting and truly praying through situations and not just praying about situations. Fasting breaks down walls and barriers so God can work in and through us.

  • Erwin McManus

    Episode 5

    In this episode we hear from author, filmmaker, fashion designer, communicator and Senior Pastor, Erwin McManus. Erwin opens up about the challenges of family and ministry and how to define your life by moments of joy and celebration.

  • Miles McPherson

    Episode 6

    We talk to former NFL player and founder and Pastor of The Rock Church in San Diego, Miles McPherson. Miles talks about racism and segregation in America and his transformation from being a drug addicted football player, to a pastor.

  • Benny Perez

    Episode 7

    Pastor Benny Perez talks about the challenges of pastoring a church in Las Vegas - finding that God’s grace is truly sufficient during experiences of great loss and trials as he shares from his own painful experiences.

  • Nick & Christine Caine

    Episode 8

    A21 Founders Christine & Nick Caine talk about their journeys to faith and the challenges of leading staff in 14 different countries. They focus on the empowerment of women and how to deal with betrayal and rejection.

  • Matt & Laurie Crouch

    Episode 9

    We hear from special guests Matt & Laurie Crouch as they talk about life growing up as the son of the founders of TBN, Paul and Jan Crouch and the second generation of Christian media and Christian television, and the new approaches needed.

  • Brooke & Scott Ligertwood

    Episode 10

    We hear from Brooke & Scott Ligertwood about life as a successful Christian music artist, and secular artist and the importance of being planted in the local church, and how that has shaped their careers, marriage, and life.

  • Jim & Marguerite Reeve

    Episode 11

    Guests Jim & Marguerite Reeve share how God spoke to them about starting a church, and how prayer has been the key to overcome difficult times in family and ministry. They also open up about the fine line between politics and the church.

  • Lee Strobel

    Episode 12

    Author and Christian Apologist, Lee Strobel shares his story. After attending church once, he tried to disprove Christianity. After a 2 year investigative journey to find scientific evidence of the existence of God, he became a Christian.

  • Mark Burnett & Roma Downey

    Episode 13

    Special guests Mark Burnett & Roma Downey share their son’s journey to healing, and how they were warned that they wouldn’t be able to be Christians in Hollywood, but that’s been proven completely untrue – God’s opened many doors for them.