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Let's Talk with Brian Houston

Let's Talk with Brian Houston

5 Seasons

Join Brian Houston and special guests as they share their journey of how God has shaped their lives and the lessons they've learned in the process.

Let's Talk with Brian Houston
  • Matt Redman

    Episode 1

    We are joined by Grammy award winning artist Matt Redman, who talks about how he got into song writing. Matt opens up about losing his father to suicide at age 7, and choosing to worship even in the most difficult of circumstances.

  • Phil Cooke

    Episode 2

    Our guest is a media consultant, television producer, and Hollywood movie producer. Phil Cooke is passionate about helping Christians engage in culture effectively. He talks about Christian TV, and how the church needs to embrace media as a way to reach people. 

  • DeVon Franklin

    Episode 3

    Pastor Brian Houston talks to DeVon Franklin - film producer, author and preacher. DeVon talks about his inspiration and desire for Hollywood, all while pursuing God too. He shares how he uses the Hollywood and secular systems to bring God glory.

  • Brad Lomenick

    Episode 4

    Pastor Brian Houston sits down with author and leadership consultant, Brad Lomenick. Brad talks about being single and content in his forties and his call to build platforms for other people to stand on. Brad discusses the difference of being a consumer to a producer in the local church.

  • Craig Groeschel

    Episode 5

    Pastor Brian Houston speaks to Craig Groeschel about failing seminary because they didn’t recognise his gifts and the use of technology in spreading the gospel. Craig opens up about his insecurities and the responsibility of being a pastor of pastors.