Mark Varughese

Mark Varughese

Mark & Jemima Varughese are the Senior Leaders of Kingdomcity – a growing, vibrant church with multiple locations around the world. Mark left his legal career in 2003 to pursue full-time ministry in a local church in Perth, Australia. In 2005, he left Australia to plant a church in Malaysia. Kingdomcity was birthed in April 2006. Kingdomcity focus on relational connection, spiritual hunger, and the daily empowerment of each believer ‘to bring the reality of God to their world’. Mark is currently writing his first book which captures his personal journey and the Kingdomcity story.

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Mark Varughese
  • Tares and Thorns - Mark Varughese

    Join Pastor Mark Varughese as he discusses the ups and downs of life. He encourages us that although we cannot avoid going through tough times, we can choose how we respond to them. Like tending a garden, we can tend to our heart daily and find grace to handle every circumstance.

  • Salt of the Soil and Light of the Planet - Mark Varughese

    As followers of Jesus, we are called to make a difference in every sphere of life. Pastor Mark Varughese encourages us to live a life worthy of the call of God, understanding that we are the salt of the earth and light of the world - we can change the world.

  • Mark Varughese with Nathan Finochio

    Hillsong Conference 2019 Live host Nathan Finochio interviews Mark Varughese, the Senior Leader from Kingdom City, a church in 22 locations across 10 different countries.