2 Seasons

A trending topics talk show with father, son duo Erwin and Aaron McManus. Join them as they discuss with a select group of millennials the hottest, hardest topics and current events, bringing unique insight, scriptural wisdom, and clarity.

  • Election Anxiety

    Episode 1


    During a historic year with a global pandemic, we are now in the midst of one of the most controversial presidential elections in U.S. history. Tune in for the MCMANUS SEASON 2 PREMIERE as Erwin and Aaron McManus unpack the 2020 U.S. election, American politics...

  • Election Aftermath & Dealing with Disappointment

    Episode 2

    As America wades through the aftermath of a tumultuous election, Erwin and Aaron McManus discuss disagreement and disappointment as half of America is bracing for loss. Join the cultural conversation about navigating conflict in life.

  • Not Getting Trapped in the Media's Spin

    Episode 3

    In an age where access to information is more freely available, much of what we call “the media” have lost a great deal of credibility as unbiased sources of information. Dive into the cultural conversation where Erwin and Aaron McManus discuss the unease in today’s society where information plat...

  • Being Grateful in Spite of 2020

    Episode 4

    Do you find it hard to be grateful in a year like 2020? Despite the pain that this season has brought on for so many, Erwin and Aaron McManus channel the tough questions surrounding the circumstantial emotions, and bring healthy conversation, challenge perspective, and focus on the needed posture...

  • Navigating Change in Your Life

    Episode 5

    Whether intentionally or unintentionally, our lives require changes to grow and move forward. However, not all change is easy to embrace or navigate. Join the powerful and uplifting conversation with thought-provoking millennials along with Erwin & Aaron McManus as they explore the possibilities ...

  • Redeeming Christmas from the Culture of Consumerism

    Episode 6

    Have we lost our way around the madness and consumerism culture that has distorted the meaning of Christmas? The holidays have quickly become about “what we can get” or attaching our own self-worth to what we are able to give people. Erwin & Aaron McManus have real-talk with millennials around wh...

  • Should You Take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

    Episode 7

    As the COVID vaccine is beginning to be administered throughout the world, many people hold strong, differing opinions and views about whether or not they will take it. Erwin, Aaron and the crew of millennials dive into the tough questions surrounding the safety of the vaccine, how our faith affe...

  • What Are You Searching For?

    Episode 8

    With the click-over from 2020 to 2021, Aaron and Erwin McManus discuss some of the most popular Google searches in 2020 showing a shift towards generosity and compassion in the questions asked. Erwin begs the question: are these searches a window into what is happening inside of people? When they...

  • Feeling Like a Fraud? You're Not Alone

    Episode 9

    Have you ever felt unqualified or unfit for a new job or opportunity before you? You might be experiencing ‘Imposter Syndrome’. Erwin & Aaron McManus address this very real internal conflict many millennials are facing today, and they not only bring the conflict to light, but also present wisdom ...

  • Are We Losing Free Speech?

    Episode 10

    Is America quickly losing one of its most prized freedoms--the freedom of speech? Join Erwin and Aaron McManus as they take a hard look at censorship on social media—is censorship a necessary evil to enforce safety or is it an abuse of power? How far is too far? Join this powerful, conversation t...

  • Celebrating Black History Month

    Episode 11

    Join Aaron and Erwin McManus as they open the floor for a conversation around Black History Month. Questions arise around whether the existence of Black History Month separates it from history or whether it’s still a necessary focus to remind us how far we have to go. Go on the journey in this ep...

  • Love During Lockdown

    Episode 12

    Join Aaron and Erwin McManus as they discuss the pressures that are surrounding Valentine’s Day amidst a global pandemic. Whether you’re single, dating or married, the conversation opens up about the importance of communication and the difficulties that come as a result of being isolated during t...

  • What You Value Matters

    Episode 13

    The debate over what big tech should and shouldn’t do with content is as prevalent as ever at the moment. In today’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus discuss the proposed legislation in Australia that affects how two major tech companies are using content and how we as individuals place value on ...

  • Black History, Black Futures

    Episode 14

    To summarize our celebration of Black History Month, Erwin & Aaron McManus discuss the remarks that our society should not only be focusing on black history for one month of the year but that the emphasis should shift towards black futures as well. The group discusses how we need to keep raising ...

  • Creating an Equal Future for Women

    Episode 15

    Celebrate International Women’s Day with Erwin & Aaron McManus in this episode! Dive into the cultural conversation that explores the history of inequality between genders, yet celebrates the victories of some of today’s freedoms, and reminds us we still have so far to go. Erwin and Aaron share s...

  • Silent or Silenced

    Episode 16

    More than 50 million people across the globe tuned in for a highly-anticipated interview as Oprah sat down with Meghan Markle & Harry to discuss their tumultuous exit from the Royal family. Erwin & Aaron gauge some Millennial responses to the interview and talk about how in this social media land...

  • Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of Caring

    Episode 17

    With the pandemic causing global-wide hardship, there is more need amongst our communities than ever before. Today Erwin and Aaron McManus discuss the idea that when the amount of tragedy and concern we see across news and social media goes up, the amount of desire to want to help goes down, crea...

  • Hope for a Better Future

    Episode 18

    In the season finale of McManus, with the help of some friends, Erwin & Aaron look back over the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. They assess some of the things they want to leave behind them and how they are going to take what they have learned during this difficult season and step into a...