New Releases

  • There is More Tour Special


    Experience Hillsong’s 2018 There is More tour. Featuring a powerful message from Pastor Brian Houston and incredible worship from the Hillsong team.

  • Hillsong Teaching with Bobbie Houston

    1 season

    Join gifted and prophetic teacher Bobbie Houston, Co-Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, as she encourages us rise up and make a stand for justice on the earth.

  • Hillsong Teaching with Phil Dooley

    1 season

    A gifted communicator, Phil mixes a blend of humour with Biblical wisdom and is passionate about bringing hope to the generations. Phil, along with his wife Lucinda are Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church South Africa.

  • Hillsong Teaching with Peter Toggs

    1 season

    An engaging, passionate and humorous communicator, Peter Toganivalu (Toggs), is the youth and young adults pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia, alongside his wife Laura. He is dedicated to seeing a ‘young and free’ movement rise up across the earth, finding true life, joy and freedom through k...

  • New From UNITED

    2 videos

    Watch the latest singles from Hillsong UNITED, recorded Live.

  • Pioneering Hillsong Israel


    A documentary following the challenging journey to pioneer Hillsong Israel, a brand new campus in the land where Christianity began.

  • Sex, Love and Relationships

    5 seasons

    Join relationship experts John and Helen Burns and special guests in candid interviews as they explore light-hearted, challenging and complex issues of sex, love and relationships.

  • Colour Conference: Main Stage

    6 seasons

    Take a front row seat and be encouraged by the teaching from Hillsong's Colour Conference for women, where placing value on humanity is at the heart.

  • Brian Houston TV

    8 seasons

    Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

  • Hillsong Kids Junior: Cubbyhouse

    4 seasons

    An entertaining show for the little ones aged between 2 and 6, with songs, fun craft time, bible stories and animated teaching and illustrations.

  • Hillsong Channel Live!

    Watch the Hillsong Channel Live!