• God's Plan For Your Family

    Stand with Pastors Sam and Kylie Di Mauro as they believe for God to do a powerful work in your family and pray for single-parents, households facing financial challenges and for family members who are not walking with the Lord.

  • Sex, Love and Relationships

    6 seasons

    Join relationship experts John & Helen Burns and Josh & Christi Straub, in candid conversations as they explore the light-hearted, challenging, and complex issues around sex, love and relationships.

  • Worship by Hillsong

    7 seasons

    Join Hillsong for praise and worship in these compilations of beautiful and powerful songs from Hillsong Worship, UNITED and Young & Free.

  • Brian Houston TV

    10 seasons

    Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

  • Touch of Heaven

    2 seasons

    You are not alone. No matter how hopeless things may be for you right now, there is always a way through. Together, let’s seek breakthrough and victory in your situation right now as we pray, partake in communion, worship and get into God’s Word. Let’s truly seek God and all He is.

  • Enseñanzas De Hillsong con Chris Mendez

    3 seasons

    Comunicador dinámico y enérgico, Chris Mendez, junto con su esposa Lucy, son pastores de Hillsong Latinoamérica. El mensaje de Chris es simple y práctico y te motivará a crecer y vivir tu vida reflejando el corazón de Dios hacia las personas.

    Dynamic and energetic communicator Chris Mendez, alon...

  • Hillsong Channel Live!

    Watch Hillsong Channel Live here, 24/7! Be inspired with worship from Hillsong Worship, United and Young & Free, and be empowered with life-giving teaching from Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston and the international Hillsong team along with Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Steven ...