New Releases

  • Worship and Reconciliation

  • The Centre of the Universe

  • Graduations Speech

    God cares more about who you are becoming, than what you do. God cares more about you, than what you do. God is more impressed with your obedience than what people might applaud you for. True success is obedience to God. What are you packing for the journey ahead? Ten items that will help guide y...

  • Freedom and Mission

  • The Presence of God

  • Restoration and Maturity

  • The Freedom of Forgiveness

    If you've ever struggled with not feeling good enough, or doing the wrong thing and battling to change, then this program is for you. Join Robert Fergusson and our Hillsong Worship team to learn the good news about Easter, as we look at the freedom that is found through forgiveness.

  • Remembrance and Calling

  • Finding God in the Silence

    If you've ever felt alone or that you're not hearing from God, then join Robert Fergusson and our Hillsong Worship team to learn the good news about Easter, as we look to find God in the silence.

  • Hope for the Future

    If you've ever felt like you've lost hope, then this programme will help you. Join Robert Fergusson and our Hillsong Worship team to learn the good news about Easter, as we find hope in Jesus Christ.

  • Vision Sunday 2022

    Vision Sunday is a flagship weekend in Hillsong Church that happens once a year. Join pastors Phil and Lucinda Dooley as they share the global vision presentation and Phil preaches a word of encouragement about fixing our eyes on Jesus.

  • The Kiss of a King - Christine Caine

    Join Christine Caine as she challenges the way you see people! We can judge someone, we can form an opinion, but do we really SEE them? This episode also includes bonus masterclass content featuring River Bennett, an accomplished photographer, businesswoman, wife and mother.

  • Answers For A Hurried Life

    In our busy, hurried world, how can we have Jesus' abundant life free of fatigue? Watch to find out.

  • The Flourishing

    Conversation with Earl & Oneka McClellan. Hosted by Sam Lopez, this masterclass is an interview with our 2021 Colour guests, Earl and Oneka McClellan, who pastor a flourishing church in Dallas, Texas.

  • The Music Maker

    You don’t have to be a literal musician or songwriter to create music, melody and song. Our lives can become a story (or song) that resonates with thanksgiving, praise and testimony.

  • Age & All That Stuff Pt 3

    Aging is something that affects us all. Join Bobbie Houston and Pastors Laura, Nicola and Jess as they share from the perspective of the younger generation. They remind us about the importance to mentor the next generation and guide them in Godly values.

  • The Goodness of God Restores Everything

    In this episode, Pastor Gregory Dickow shares 3 things that the enemy uses to rob us, but more importantly, how God brings about complete restoration!

  • Circling Jericho - Pt 2

    Continued from last time, you’ll learn the Seven keys to winning the battle: Surrender to God’s will; See the vision; Serve where God has you; Speak what God says about you; Surround yourself with the right people; Start doing it this week; Stick with it and don’t give up.

  • Age & All That Stuff Pt 2

    Pastor Bobbie leads another Friendship Table around “age and all that stuff”. This episode takes a different spin, and they dive into the thought of age being a privilege as well as touching on diversity and inclusion.

  • The Adventurer

    Join Global Creative Pastor Cass Langton as she explores the containments that so often limit potential and adventure. Life is a gift, and God endlessly encourages us to live with faith and expectation of an exceedingly abundant life.

  • The Nurturer

    This masterclass is for those of us who desire to be both homemaker and world-changer. Wherever life has positioned you, the ever-changing dynamics of life, friendship and relationships are areas that need constant nurture and care.

  • We Read That Wrong - Earl McClellan

    Pastor Earl McClellan broadens our understanding of the word "helper" in the scriptures. Also featured are highlights from The Wise masterclass. Ben and Karalee Fielding alongside Pastors Robert and Amanda Fergusson share what it looks like to pursue wisdom, and ultimately Jesus.

  • Age & All That Stuff Pt 1

    Pastor Bobbie leads this Friendship Table, starting a new series on “age and all that stuff”. In a world that is obsessed with youthfulness, the heart of this conversation is to help everyone navigate age with wisdom and grace and approach it with a Godly perspective.