New Releases

  • Creating an Equal Future for Women

    Celebrate International Women’s Day with Erwin & Aaron McManus in this episode! Dive into the cultural conversation that explores the history of inequality between genders, yet celebrates the victories of some of today’s freedoms, and reminds us we still have so far to go. Erwin and Aaron share s...

  • Rejection 101

    Most people experience feelings of rejection, depression, unworthiness and doubt at one point in their lives. Beth Jones teaches on “Rejection 101” and how to overcome these feelings by getting a fresh revelation of how much God loves and accepts His children.

  • An Anointing that Cannot be Ignored

    In this episode Pastor Bobbie Houston shares a profound thought around anointing. Lean in as Bobbie expands on this thought and encourages us to shine our light, scatter some salt and become the captivating magnetic force that God knows we can be.

  • Training for Reigning

    Join Pastor Terry as he encourages us around purpose and fulfilment through the life of King David. Although much of his ministry was public, years of it were spent in private. Pastor Terry encourages us that God does his best work in us, in the moments where we may feel forgotten or neglected.

  • Vision 2021


    Join Global Senior Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston for hopeful insights into 2021 and a glimpse of some inspiring stories about what God is doing around the world in Hillsong Church.

  • Living From Victory: Anxious for Nothing

    Jesus has rendered sin powerless, we no longer have to struggle to get saved, stay saved, get healed, or have happiness. This episode will reveal the victory that Jesus has already earned.

  • God’s Supply Unveiled In Elijah And Elisha

    From Elijah & Elisha's stories, learn powerful keys to unlocking God's abundant supply in your life!

  • Renewing Your Hope

    Do you feel like you've given up hope? Is your soul heavy with disappointment? When our hope dies life can spiral quickly, but our God is a God of Hope! Join us as we pray, worship, read scripture and take communion, as Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson speaks about Renewing Your Hope.

  • The Crushed Snake Pt.2 - Spiritual Authority

    Continuing his series on The Crushed Snake, Pastor Brian focusses on the God-given weapons and tools of our spiritual authority. Be inspired as he teaches on how we can learn to grow in our spiritual authority and how we are equipped and empowered to be the head and not the tail.

  • Black History, Black Futures

    To summarize our celebration of Black History Month, Erwin & Aaron McManus discuss the remarks that our society should not only be focusing on black history for one month of the year but that the emphasis should shift towards black futures as well. The group discusses how we need to keep raising ...

  • The Energizer Bunny

    God wants you to be full of energy and strength! Beth Jones shares from the Bible how we can be re-energized and full of life by tapping into God’s grace to be and do all the Lord has called us to.

  • Never Alone Again: Freedom from Emotional Pain

    Every problem in the world today is the result of man's separation from God. This biblically-based episode teaches on the journey to freedom from all pain.

  • Be Washed By The Water Of The Word

    Today, let the Lord wash your feet with His Word & come away encouraged, strengthened, & refreshed!

  • The Crushed Snake - Spiritual Authority

    Doubt is one of the greatest tools the devil will use to muzzle God’s purposes in your life. Join Pastor Brian as he teaches on how Jesus stood in His authority and how you too can be empowered to take a stand.

  • Overcoming Anxiety

    Hillsong College Principal Angela Bachtle shares her personal testimony of overcoming anxiety; and shows us how we can bring our anxieties before God. Join us as we pray, worship, read scripture, and take communion as we remember Jesus, the Prince of Peace who conquers fear.

  • What You Value Matters

    The debate over what big tech should and shouldn’t do with content is as prevalent as ever at the moment. In today’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus discuss the proposed legislation in Australia that affects how two major tech companies are using content and how we as individuals place value on ...

  • The Basics with Beth

    1 season

    Pastor Beth Jones helps you master the basics of God's Word, so you can live a life you love ­and a life that impacts others!