New Releases

  • Finding Your Confidence

    Setbacks can often leave us shaken and cause us to cast doubt on ourselves. In this episode of Touch of Heaven, Pastor Robert Fergusson encourages us through prayer, scripture and the taking of communion to set our eyes on Jesus and look to Him as the true source of our confidence.

  • Compilation 3 - Featuring 'Uncomplicated'

    Enter into worship with us this episode as we revisit some much loved classics such as ‘Cornerstone’, ‘Still,’ and ‘What a Beautiful Name.’

  • Safe & Sound - Part 3

    Continuing with the topic “Safe and Sound” Pastor Bobbie expands further, teaching on why we have armor, angels and how we can grow in the midst of difficulties. She also focuses on the power of prayer with guests joining her who share their personal testimonies and convictions about prayer.

  • Us Vs Them

    Pastor Terry brings a powerful message on unity reminding us of God’s original design for humanity. Jesus is the one who brings people together regardless of race, gender and anything that would cause division. It’s a timely reminder to look to Jesus to see how to treat one another.

  • How Do I Defend My Faith - Part 1

  • Restoring Your Soul

    Jesus said “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.“ In this episode of Touch of Heaven join Pastor George Pingel as he prays for the Holy Spirit to bring restoration and refreshment to your soul and believes for burdens to be lifted from your life.

  • Beware the Power of Distraction

    Join Pastor Brian as he preaches a word that will help you step up to a new level. Through the life of Nehemiah Brian demonstrates the resolve we need to have to stop the distractions that prevent us from doing the building God has for us.

  • Compilation 2 - Featuring 'This is How We Overcome'

    Featured in this episode are ‘World Outside Your Window,’ by Young & Free, as well as an acoustic version of ‘From Whom all Blessings Flow.’ As you posture yourself in worship and turn your heart towards Jesus, we pray that you will be uplifted and inspired.

  • Safe & Sound - Part 2

    Safe and sound is not a fairytale! Pastor Bobbie shares a heartfelt message about being safe and sound, reminding us of the nature and character of God. Using the word of God as the foundation she teaches on trust, heritage, legacy and much more.

  • Of Dust and Breath

    Pastor Terry Crist teaches about the wonder and beauty of being made in the image of God. He reminds us that no matter our differences we are all called to be God’s image bearers and every single person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Rise Up And Reign Over Your Enemies

    Discover the winning attitude God wants you to have during trying times and rise above your enemies.