Now with Natalie - Season 2

  • Now with Natalie

    2 seasons

    Culture often dictates that our worth, path and identity are determined by our race, our gender, the things we’ve done, and the things that have been done to us. In this series, host Natalie Manuel Lee, digs beneath the surface to uncover what it really means to be bold, transparent and confront ...

  • Lecrae - Restoration

    How do we bounce back from hardships, frailties and criticisms all while staying true to who we are? Natalie Manuel Lee spends time with Grammy Award winning rap artist Lecrae, in his hometown of Atlanta. Lecrae’s own journey toward restoration has driven him to become a force for social justice ...

  • Now with Natalie S2: Behind the Scenes


    Meet the team behind Now With Natalie who share their heart behind this season and what they see and hope could be achieved through the personal experiences of others. An exclusive look at the hard work and preparation it took to film the latest season of this show; the fun and the sweat.