Now with Natalie Unpacked

Now with Natalie Unpacked

6 Episodes

Join host Kimberly Chandler in the studio with Natalie Manuel Lee and a panel of Millennials to recap, unpack and discuss the themes in the new series Now with Natalie.

Now with Natalie Unpacked
  • Unpacking: Identity and Comparison

    Episode 1

    In a time where every aspect of our life is shared over social media, it can be hard not to compare our lives with others. Kimberly Chandler and Natalie Manuel Lee sit down with an audience and unpack the issues previously discussed with supermodel Hailey Bieber in episode 1 of “Now with Natalie”...

  • Unpacking: The Bigger Picture

    Episode 2

    In Episode 2 of “Now with Natalie”, Kelly Rowland shared about her faith journey within the entertainment industry. In this episode, Kimberly Chandler and Natalie Manuel Lee discuss big questions about where to find purpose and identity within an industry that can so closely correlate value with ...

  • Unpacking: Defining Success

    Episode 3

    How does the world define success? In Episode 3 of “Now with Natalie”, athlete, Tyson Chandler gives his view on fame and fulfilment. Now, Kimberly Chandler and Natalie Manuel Lee further unpack these issues with the audience and take a look at how to be a light in whatever position or career you...

  • Unpacking: Vision

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Kimberly Chandler and Natalie Manuel Lee look back at Natalie’s conversation with former editor-in-chief of “Teen Vogue”, Elaine Welteroth, where she shared her perspective on vision and navigating towards goals. With the audience, they discuss vision more in depth, and even talk...

  • Unpacking: Perseverance

    Episode 5

    Living a balanced and healthy life can sometimes be difficult. Previously, in Episode 5 of “Now with Natalie”, Angela Davis, fitness coach and motivational speaker, gave her thoughts on how to live a healthy life. This panel goes deeper into what a healthy life looks like and how to help others o...

  • Unpacking: Convictions

    Episode 6

    Value is often given and defined by the things that we own or a way that we look. Episode 6 of “Now with Natalie” explored this topic from the high-end fashion world to Skid Row. Now, Kimberly Chandler and Natalie Manuel Lee talk with the audience and expand on issues such as legacy, status and n...