PowerPoint with Jack Graham

PowerPoint with Jack Graham

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Dr. Jack Graham's mission is to glorify God by introducing Jesus Christ as Lord to as many people as possible and to develop them in Christian living using the most effective means to impact the world, making an eternal difference in this generation.

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PowerPoint with Jack Graham
  • What to Wear in the War

    Episode 1

    On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham looks into the invisible world. It’s a world in which we face a desperate spiritual battle for our faith and our families and our future; but it’s a winnable war when we put on the armor of our Lord.

  • The Battle for Your Mind

    Episode 2

    Proverbs 23:7 speaks to the importance of our thought life, saying, “as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” In this life we will fight many battles; join us for today’s PowerPoint, as Pastor Jack Graham shares why none is more important than “The Battle for Your Mind.”

  • Warfare Prayer

    Episode 3

    On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham preaches a strong message about the state of our American Christianity. We are in a battle for our marriages, our families and our right to worship, and the only way we will win the war is if we prevail in prayer.

  • A Time to Stand

    Episode 4

    There’s no need to be afraid if you’re a Christian.

  • Priceless

    Episode 5

    On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham explores the part of you that is most valuable, made for God—your soul. In fact, you don’t just have a soul, you are a soul, created by God and “Priceless.”

  • What Lies Beyond

    Episode 6

    Ecclesiastes 3:2 reminds us that we all have a time to be born, and a time to die. But while death is a certainty, it doesn’t keep us from wondering exactly what happens when we die. Join us for today’s PowerPoint, as Pastor Jack Graham brings a message of hope and encouragement about just “What ...

  • An Uncomfortable Truth

    Episode 7

    On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham preaches a sobering message from Luke 16. While the Bible speaks clearly of God’s unfathomable love, it’s also utterly and entirely clear regarding the existence of hell. Join us for today’s message, “An Uncomfortable Truth,” as Pastor Graham reminds us t...

  • Heaven, Really?

    Episode 8

    As Pastor Jack Graham shares on today’s PowerPoint, the place that our Lord is preparing for us is so wonderful that it defies description. But there is still much for us to learn about Heaven, and when we know it our desire should be greater than ever to share the Gospel with everyone who needs ...

  • An Endless Hallelujah

    Episode 9

    On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham brings a message designed to encourage even greater excitement within us about what Heaven will be like. We need not trust the speculations of men when the Word of God is so clear about what waits for us in our Father’s House.