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Preaching & Teaching

Preaching & Teaching

Hear powerful preaching and teaching from Hillsong Pastors and our Partner Ministries, as they inspire you with bible based messages to live in your God given purpose and grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus.

Preaching & Teaching
  • Sisterhood United Night with Bobbie Houston

    1 season

    Join women in every season and stage of life as Pastor Bobbie Houston shares a powerful message from the word of God, placing value upon womanhood.

  • Hillsong Israel Tour: Sea of Galilee


    The Hillsong Israel Tour stops at the Sea of Galilee for a worship service lead by Hillsong United, with a special message from Pastor Brian Houston about the ministry of Jesus, and how His ministry is now our ministry.

  • Gregory Dickow, Power to Change Today

    1 season

    Gregory Dickow, alongside his wife Grace, lead Life Changers Church in Chicago. He values honest teaching that is grounded in God's word and truth, as he shares the message that God's love is unconditional. He is passionate about helping others change from the inside out, as changing your thinkin...

  • Hillsong Channel Live!

    Watch Hillsong Channel Live here, 24/7! Be inspired with worship from Hillsong Worship, United and Young & Free, and be empowered with life-giving teaching from Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston and the international Hillsong team along with Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Steven ...

  • Hillsong Conference Live

    4 seasons

    Your exclusive ticket to all things Hillsong Conference featuring amazing international speakers, stunning worship moments and insightful interviews.

  • There is More Tour Special


    Experience Hillsong’s 2018 There is More tour. Featuring a powerful message from Pastor Brian Houston and incredible worship from the Hillsong team.

  • Colour: The Edition

    1 season

    Experience the Colour Conference in a unique way. Hear the signature message from Pastor Bobbie Houston, the breathtaking creative presentations and inspiring stories of the impact of Colour Conference.

  • Vision 2018


    Senior Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston share the vision for Hillsong Church in 2018. There is More. As the Church we are called, responsible and expectant for the possibility God wants to do something with us individually not just collectively. We see this beautifully uncovered through stories f...

  • Hillsong Presents Reinhard Bonnke

    1 season

    Renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonnke brings a powerful Easter message across Hillsong Church Australia’s campuses on Resurrection Sunday.

  • Hillsong Israel Tour: Caesarea


    The Hillsong Israel Tour concludes from Caesarea with a worship service lead by Hillsong United and a special message from Pastor Brian Houston about the message of Jesus, and how we are called to carry His message to the ends of the Earth.

  • Hillsong Teaching with Ben Houston

    3 seasons

    Ben is passionate about building the Church. An engaging speaker with a genuine heart to see people find hope, life and answers in Jesus Christ, his messages are heartfelt and life-giving. Ben and his wife Lucille are Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church California.

  • Worship & Creative Conference 2017

    4 seasons

    This collection is for creatives across all disciplines to steal away from the ordinary and create space to encounter Jesus. The goal is simple… to glorify God in all we do and to empower you to creatively fulfil His call in this generation.

    Get full access to 2017’s conference! Hear from Past...

  • Worship & Creative Conference 2018

    3 seasons

    Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference is for anyone who finds themselves in any form of creative discipline. Our prayer is that as we celebrate our God-given creativity, we would not only empower you in your gift but also use it to bring God glory and move the Church forward.
    The 2018 conferen...

  • Hillsong Teaching with Lucinda Dooley

    1 season

    Lucinda is a passionate communicator who has a genuine heart for all people, and is dedicated to building the House of God. Lucinda, together with her husband Phil, are the Lead Pastors of Hillsong Church in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • PowerPoint with Jack Graham

    2 seasons

    Dr. Jack Graham's mission is to glorify God by introducing Jesus Christ as Lord to as many people as possible and to develop them in Christian living using the most effective means to impact the world, making an eternal difference in this generation.

  • Vision 2020

    2 videos

    Join Senior Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston for Vision Sunday – an incredible weekend in the life of Hillsong Church, as they cast God-breathed vision for the year ahead. As well as a beautiful creative presentation where we see how the message of Welcome Home translates in different Hillsong Ch...

  • Hillsong Teaching with Dan Blythe

    1 season

    Dan is an articulate communicator and innovative leader, who is passionate about people and the call of God on their life. Combining humour and creativity, Dan brings a voice of wisdom and relevance to the world we live in.

  • Vision 2019


    Join Senior Pastor Brian Houston as he shares the vision for Hillsong Church in 2019. Revival is in the air! In your relationships, your finances, in the miraculous and in your spirit. We see this depicted through inspirational stories from around the globe displaying how God can work in any situ...

  • Hillsong Teaching with Robby Lewis

    1 season

    Robby is passionate about the Word of God and people getting a real revelation of the Gospel. Born in the USA, Robby is now the campus pastor of the Hillsong Church Central London location.

  • Leon Fontaine - The Spirit Contemporary Life

    1 season

    In this series, Leon Fontaine explores the Spirit Contemporary Life, and how you can unleash the miraculous in your everyday world. As we learn to understand and hear God, we gain the power to influence this world like never before. Leon Fontaine is senior pastor of Springs Church, Canada’s faste...

  • Hillsong Teaching with Darren Kitto

    1 season

    Darren Kitto has been a Pastor at Hillsong Church since 1995. His role as International Ministry Director involves overseeing the Hillsong Channel, Hillsong TV, Hillsong Family, Hillsong Leadership Network, Hillsong’s Aid and Development and Disaster Relief initiatives. Darren now lives in Califo...

  • Encounterfest 2016


    Hillsong Youth Australia hosts Encounterfest 2016, a youth event to gather together and encounter the presence of God with special guest Rich Wilkerson Jr.

  • Hillsong Teaching with Nathanael Wood

    1 season

    Nathanael is the Hillsong State Leader for New South Wales, Australia. He has a passion for preaching and speaking on leadership capacity and development. His teachings inspire, challenge and help people move forward in the things God has for them. He and his wife, Bec live in Sydney with their 4...

  • Young & Free Conference

    1 season

    Witness the all-in crazy action of the Young & Free Conference 2017, with world-class speakers, impacting interviews and the crazy antics of the Young & Free team.