Hillsong Conference 2018

Hillsong Conference 2018

Take a front row seat at Hillsong Conference 2018 and enjoy the main sessions from this year’s keynote guests. Explore powerful Bible-based teaching from guests such as Judah Smith, Chris Hodges, Steven Furtick, Donna Crouch, and Hillsong's Global Senior Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston.

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Hillsong Conference 2018
  • Dream Again - Chris Hodges

    Special guest speaker Pastor Chris Hodges opens night one of Hillsong Conference 2018 with a passionate message about dreaming again, encouraging us to expect and believe for more while reminding us of the unrelenting faithfulness of God to fulfil them. 

  • Where Do You Think You’re Going - Judah Smith

    Guest speaker, Pastor Judah Smith brings an ever-vibrant message about fear and endurance, while challenging us about our confidence in both ourselves and our God. Do we have it, when did we lose it and most importantly, how do we get it back?

  • Danger In The Distance - Steven Furtick

    Guest Speaker Pastor Steven Furtick shares an impassioned message, “The Danger In The Distance”, challenging us to stop hiding behind our screens and reminding us that it’s only ’50 paces to Grace’.

  • Frozen Oil & Chosen Vessels - Steven Furtick

    Special guest Pastor Steven Furtick closes Hillsong Conference 2018 with this iconic message, ‘Frozen Oil & Chosen Vessels’. Bringing home the entire theme of the conference, that God has so much more for us than we can imagine, we just have to pour ourselves out for him to get there.

  • Leadership Hour - Chris Hodges

    The future of the local church is in the hands of leaders! Chris Hodges reminds us that God entrusts the lives of people into the hands of leaders. He challenge us all that we are born to be a leaders and we need to grow in our exceptional qualities.

  • A Planted Life - Paul de Jong

    Paul De Jong takes the main stage at Hillsong Conference 2018, as he challenges us on the importance of being planted in the right soil and the right house, and what can happen when we aren’t.

  • A Different Kind Of Love - Donna Crouch

    Hillsong Church’s very own Pastor Donna Crouch brings a beautiful message on the types of love that exist and reclaiming the word, returning it to it’s purest form and glory.

  • The Capacity Of The Human Tongue - Wayne Alcorn

    Pastor Wayne Alcorn delivers an insightful message on the power of the tongue and the importance of looking after it’s source.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Chris Hodges

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. talks with key guest speaker Chris Hodges about the message of Grace and Truth that is key to Chris's book "The Daniel Dilemma".

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Judah & Chelsea Smith

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. chats with Judah and Chelsea Smith, the Lead Pastors of Churchome in Seattle and Los Angeles. 

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Steven Furtick

    Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation church in Charlotte North Carolina, speaks with Rich Wilkerson Jr. from Vous Church in Miami Florida.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Chris Tomlin

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. talks with award-winning singer/songwriter and worship leader Chris Tomlin.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Hillsong United

    Joel Houston, Taya Gaukrodger, and Jonathon "JD" Douglass from Hillsong United talk to Rich Wilkerson Jr.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Hillsong Young & Free

    Laura Toggs, Aodhan King, Renee Sieff, & Tyler Douglass from Hillsong Young & Free have a chat with Rich Wilkerson Jr.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Hillsong Worship

    Niyah Rahmaan sits down with Brooke Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, and Jad Gillies from Hillsong Worship.

  • Foyer Studio Interview - Charles Nieman

    Charles Nieman, founding pastor of Abundant Living Faith Centre in El Paso Texas, sits down for a conversation with Niyah Rahmaan at Hillsong Conference 2018.