Reggie Dabbs

Reggie Dabbs

Reggie Dabbs has a powerful story of how he grew up. Born to a teenage mom, she called a former teacher Mrs Dabbs who cared for Reggie as a young boy and officially adopted him in the fourth grade. Reggie started his public speaking career after college and is now one of the most sought-after speakers helping teenagers not only face their problems but overcome them too. Reggie lives in Ft. Myers, Florida with his wife Michele and their son Dominic.

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Reggie Dabbs
  • Silent Saturday - Reggie Dabbs

    In this beautiful Easter story message, Reggie Dabbs preaches about silent Saturday. God spoke loudly on the Friday when Jesus died on the cross, and when Jesus rose from the dead. Saturday is the day after the struggle and the day before the solution!

  • Surrounded by Grace - Reggie Dabbs

    Once you've encountered grace, you will never be the same again. But what is grace? Reggie Dabbs talks about the beauty of grace, how we let grace in and the power of forgiveness - letting go of past hurts and shame.

  • Amazing Grace - Reggie Dabbs

    We hear from special guest Reggie Dabbs as he talks about grace - the key that opens the door to our hearts. It gives us the power to change. Jesus came to set the captives free; His Grace is more than enough.