These messages teach on the importance of community and how to cultivate healthy and lasting relationships with others.

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  • Bridges are Necessary

    In this series we are challenged to look at the world with uncommon eyes - we need to look at the world differently. Pastor Robert Fergusson talks about bridges and what they can teach us about the need for good relationships.

  • Bridges Overcome Obstacles

    What makes bridges strong? And why do some fail and others stand for decades? No relationship is more difficult or more fruitful than marriage. What do we need to build strength and safety into our relationships?

  • Bridges Provide Passage

    When two strong-minded and selfish people try and start a relationship, it is bound to create tension. How can bridges teach us to build better relationships, and communicate more effectively?

  • commUNITY

    Pastor Terry Crist preaches about the power of combining community and unity - it's only when we enjoy a unified vision that we really become all that God has called us to be. Terry uses the example of the 12 tribes of Israel in the Old Testament, painting a beautiful picture of what unity could ...

  • Issues of the Soul

    We hear from Gary Clarke in this episode as he challenges us about living in this present age. Knowing who we are in Christ allows us not to be rocked by what is going on in life. Gathering together with other Christians allows us to renew our strength and refreshes our soul.

  • Partnering in the Fields

    Pastors Terry and Judith Crist deliver a powerful message together on the impact of men and women serving together. Sharing from their own experience, Terry and Judith bring a word that encourages us to lay our differences aside, and work together with dignity and purpose.

  • Peace Makers

    Pastor Terry Crist continues a series entitled ‘The Peace Project’ - looking at relationships and how we can manage and deal with conflict. Terry shares a biblical perspective on where conflict originates from, and offers insights into how we can be people of peace, especially in our marriages.

  • Stand By Me

    What do you stand for, and who is standing alongside you? Pastor Ben Houston shares the story of Moses holding his staff up in the air during battle. Ben inspires us to find the right people in life who will hold us up when we feel weary.

  • Tables Talk

    Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson delivers a message “Tables Talk”. What does your table say about you?Jesus ate with his disciples many times - in the early church eating was central to the faith. Robert highlights the principles of eating food together.

  • The Power of Collaboration

    Pastor Dan Blythe speaks on “The Power of Collaboration”. Sin stops us from collaborating with God-the innovator. Jesus is the ‘trend-setter’ – God’s way for us to collaborate with the father and with each other.

  • The Role of a Father

    Pastor Gary Clarke shares three important lessons a father can teach their child, and how these lessons echo the way we relate to our Father in heaven. This is a powerful message and Gary shares some of his own personal struggles with his father, and how he found forgiveness.

  • At Home Edition: The Greatest Economy is Relationships

    When life seems to be going very differently to how you imagined, what can you hold onto to get you through? Relationship and community are our greatest assets right now. Join Erwin and Aaron McManus as they share wisdom around the importance of relationships in uncertain times.

  • Part 1 - The Marriage

    Natalie Manuel Lee, visits the home of season 1 guest: Hailey Bieber. Hailey takes us on a journey through her and Justin’s relationship, divulges fun and hilarious details of the wedding, and talks honestly about the growth and challenges that come with early married life.

  • Refusing Sex With Your Spouse & Safe Dating

    Join relationship experts Pastors John & Helen Burns and marriage and parenting coaches Dr. Josh & Christi Straub on today’s episode of Sex, Love and Relationships. Our experts discuss
    how to refuse sex with your spouse, and how to be safe on a first date.

  • Mother-In-Laws & Private Meetings at Work

    Join relationship experts Pastors John & Helen Burns and marriage and parenting coaches Dr. Josh & Christi Straub. In this episode, our experts discuss how to deal with a mother-in-law with no boundaries, and should you be having meetings alone with your boss?

  • At Home Edition: How to Deal with Relationship Crisis in Quarantine

    Join Aaron and Erwin McManus as they talk to couples in different stages of their life - recently married, engaged, and dating - to see how they are navigating this time of quarantine. An insightful episode with something for everyone no matter what season of life you’re in.

  • Kristin & Danny Adams - Courage

    Natalie Manuel Lee sits down with viral video creators, Kristin and Danny Adams. They take us through their journey in the entertainment industry and the rocky path that led to the healthy relationship they have today. It’s courageous to reconfigure our purpose and identity, especially alongside ...

  • Love During Lockdown

    Join Aaron and Erwin McManus as they discuss the pressures that are surrounding Valentine’s Day amidst a global pandemic. Whether you’re single, dating or married, the conversation opens up about the importance of communication and the difficulties that come as a result of being isolated during t...

  • Leaving the Ledge of Lust

    Join Pastor Terry and his wife Judith as they speak on “Leaving the Ledge of Lust”. Even at the height of his reign, King David committed adultery. Terry and Judith teach from the life of David and offer practical insights on how to protect and safeguard yourself from temptation.

  • Race, Relationships & Reconciliation

    Terry Crist brings a powerful message about the racial divide in society and how we can be instruments of change. He reminds us of an incredible encounter where the apostle Paul spoken about racial reconciliation in the city of Athens. Terry unpacks some truths we can apply to our lives.

  • Creating Lifelong Relationships

    Today Pastors John & Helen Burns with marriage and parenting coaches Dr. Josh & Christi Straub share some advice on helping you keep your relationships strong throughout the years. They talk about date nights and how you don’t need to have everything in common to maintain a strong relationship.