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Issues of the Soul

Relationships • 34m

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  • It's Time To Come Together

    Pastor Carl Lentz speaks out boldly regarding issues in today's culture that are close to his heart. You can't help but catch his passion for unity as it inspires you to make the necessary changes in your family, friendships and community.

  • I Will Fight - Part 1

    Join Pastor Carl Lentz in the first part of this two-part special on the worthy fight for a life of faith. Carl teaches from Romans 7, and shows us that to fight the fight well, we need to be aligned with other Christians who will stand together with us.

  • Partnering in the Fields

    Pastors Terry and Judith Crist deliver a powerful message together on the impact of men and women serving together. Sharing from their own experience, Terry and Judith bring a word that encourages us to lay our differences aside, and work together with dignity and purpose.