Rich Wilkerson Jnr

Rich Wilkerson Jnr

Along with his wife, DawnChere, Rich pastors Vous Church in Miami, Florida. Rich is passionate about reaching the city and beyond with the life transforming message of Jesus. Vous Church is a leading hub of creativity, diversity and faith that celebrates the unique culture of the city.

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Rich Wilkerson Jnr
  • The Bride - Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr speaks from Ephesians 5 on the subject of “The Bride”, and how this relates to the Church. Rich explains that we are called to “be” this thing called the Church, and not just to “do” church.

  • God Did It - Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. unpacks Matthew 14 in this episode. Rich explains how God equips us through the small storms of today, to avoid the bigger storms of tomorrow. God is good and there's a miracle in transit.

  • Wrestling With God - Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    In this episode, Rich Wilkerson Jr. explains how the Christian journey is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it can feel like we are wrestling with God. It is in those times where we grow the most. It’s moment of vulnerability and intimacy with God where He speaks to your potential.

  • The Art of Building Stand-Out Leaders with Special Guest Rich Wilkerson Jnr

    On this show, pastors from around the world ask our guest panel questions, who then discuss the answers. Join host Darren Kitto as he discusses questions such as, “How to release the next generation of leaders while remaining in charge?”