Rick Godwin

Rick Godwin

For 30 years Rick Godwin has pastored Summit Christian Center in San Antonio, Texas, alongside his wife Cindy. Rick is an internationally-known speaker, motivating, challenging and encouraging people practically to live their best life possible and find their full potential. He believes that influence comes through service and is personally dedicated to helping people see how they can a positive impact in their community.

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Rick Godwin
  • Being Fruitful And Productive - Rick Godwin

    Pastor Rick Godwin teaches from Genesis 41. If we are fruitful and productive first regardless of our circumstances - then God will deliver us from our past. He reminds us that it works in this order, not the other way around!

  • The Power of One - Rick Godwin

    From the beginning to the end of the Bible, God has used individual men and women to re-shape and re-direct world events. God does not just call the strong and powerful but specializes in using the average and ordinary to make a tremendous impact. We must never underestimate the power of one.

  • Amazing Grace - Rick Godwin

    We can see the grace of Christ echoed throughout Scripture. The story of His love and mercy. When we understand that salvation is not something we can do by ourselves, we can live in the freedom that Christ has for us.

  • Safety Last - Rick Godwin

    Join Pastor Rick Godwin as he speaks about “Safety Last”. The Christian life involves taking risks and we need to live on the edge of the adventure that having faith is.