6 Episodes

Our Hillsong London team take on challenging current millennial mindsets in this fun game show! Based on biblical teaching from Romans 12, the team encourage this generation to be in this world but not of it through the ‘renewing of their mind’.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    Episode 1

    Southpaw is an exciting new game show put on by the Hillsong London team where they challenge millennial mindsets. In this first episode we take a look at “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Based on Romans 12, the crew look at a new way to live life - the Jesus way.

  • #NoFilter

    Episode 2

    Southpaw is a show all about challenging millennial mindsets. Today's episode takes a look at dealing with social media! Hosted by Pastor Gary Clarke and the Hillsong London team, this new-look gameshow tackles the hot topics of today.

  • The Snowflake Generation

    Episode 3

    Southpaw is a gameshow all about challenging millennial mindsets. Under the umbrella of Romans 12, contestants offer viewpoints designed to challenge our thinking on current topics. In this episode we break down the perception that millennials are the snowflake generation - sensitive and easily h...

  • #Me, Myself & I

    Episode 4

    Southpaw is a gameshow all about challenging millennial mindsets. Today, we unpack the thought that millennials are consumed with self in this episode titled, “me, myself and I”. The contestants have 60 seconds on the clock to discuss this thought and offer a new way of thinking that aligns with ...

  • #SwipeRight

    Episode 5

    Hosted by Gary Clarke and the Hillsong London team, Southpaw episode 5 is all about online dating and we've called it - #swiperight. Is online dating okay? How does it line up with millennials aiming to live like Jesus did? This is one of the questions we tackle in this show all about challenging...

  • Shaping Society

    Episode 6

    In this episode, millennials talk about shaping society. Contestants share from their personal experiences, and how they are determined to live with purpose as they share around issues such as classism, the fatherless generation and the perception of lack of role models.