Team Box Message Series: Choose Empathy

Team Box Message Series: Choose Empathy

Every month you will receive a new message series connected to the theme of the box. We pray these messages encourage you and strengthen your faith. Thank you for being on the team! Your monthly support sends the love of God to countless people around the world who are watching Hillsong Channel.

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Team Box Message Series: Choose Empathy
  • Choose Empathy - The Sisterhood

    Bobbie hosts an emotive and stirring conversation with a panel around social justice. This session will stretch your heart and give you a deeper appreciation of what true empathy looks like, and how you can make a felt difference in the world.

  • The Art of Reconciliation - Bobbie Houston

    Pastor Bobbie Houston delivers a beautiful message about the power of reconciliation. The Spirit of God within us – displaying His love and grace - helps to redeem this world. Do not underestimate the power of empathy.

  • Jay Argaet

    We hear from Hillsong’s Art and Communications Director Jay Argaet as he speaks about his greatest strength according to the Strength Finders Test – empathy. Jay challenges us to have a heart for the hurting and the lost, and to use our creativity to communicate Jesus to the unsaved. He believes ...

  • What Do You See?

    Pastor Ben Houston delivers a message titled, “What do you See?”. Ben challenges us about how we see the people and the world around us. Never lose your empathy for those around you; we live in a world that needs love and value and our intervention.