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Team Box Message Series: Cross = Love

Team Box Message Series: Cross = Love

The message of Easter represents so many things — justice, faith, trust, hope, freedom and forgiveness — but the greatest of these is LOVE. † = ♥ campaign exists to share the love of Jesus with everyone. The Bible says, “Whoever has ears, let them hear” (Matthew 11:15, NIV). With this idea in mind, every April, Hillsong floods the cities that surround its church locations with the cross equals love symbol. From billboards and street banners, to skywriting, apparel and social media, the good news of Christ’s redemptive love is spread far and wide.

Our hope is that when people see these symbols, they will have a moment to consider that the CROSS actually means LOVE. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15 ESV). For over a decade, these symbols have highlighted the Gospel message over highways and byways.

Your monthly support extend this love to countless people who are tuning in to Hillsong Channel. That is the heart of Hillsong Channel and what you are a part of … so thank you for being on the team. Perhaps only on the other side of eternity will we know the true impact of your sacrifice.

We pray these messages encourage you in your life’s journey and strengthen your faith.

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Team Box Message Series: Cross = Love
  • Silent Saturday - Reggie Dabbs

    In this beautiful Easter story message, Reggie Dabbs preaches about silent Saturday. God spoke loudly on the Friday when Jesus died on the cross, and when Jesus rose from the dead. Saturday is the day after the struggle and the day before the solution!

  • A Problem Called Easter

    Pastor Carl Lentz brings a special Easter message titled “A Problem Called Easter”, focussing on the story of Palm Sunday and how Easter changed everything! Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we must take our faith seriously, and that means we need to continually change & draw closer to God.

  • Jay Argaet: Cross Equals Love

    At Hillsong Conference 2016, Jay Argaet, Communications Director at Hillsong Church, shares around the Easter campaign that had a world-wide impact through the sign "cross equals love".