The Sisterhood Stories

The Sisterhood Stories

5 Episodes

From Executive Producer Bobbie Houston, this series takes you on the journey through stories of everyday women that embody the spirit Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood Stories
  • The Road Leads Home

    Episode 1

    We follow “the pathway home” of three young women. Our mandate to step into the fray of humanitarian need remains front and centre of the Colour Sisterhood - yet we need to remember the greatest need is the human heart in search of truth.

  • My Sister's Keeper

    Episode 2

    Human trafficking is a grave reality for 27 million people across the earth. The A21 team go undercover to document the truth of the sex industry. A21's Founder Christine Caine, shares openly about her passion to rescue the enslaved.

  • Everyday Women

    Episode 3

    Watch the journey of some ordinary people who do the extraordinary as they play their part in The Colour Sisterhood and Watoto Ministries. Pastor Bobbie shares her heart on the mandate of the Sisterhood and the difference we all can make.

  • The Making of a Story

    Episode 4

    Every event has a team backstage made up of truly devoted people who may never be seen. Colour Conference is the perfect example; take a peek at what goes on behind the scenes as many hands contribute to help outwork this beautiful vision.

  • It's a Girl - Value Unearthed

    Episode 5

    A biblical perspective and insight on the complex topic of gender equality. Leaders, ministers and professionals from around the globe share wisdom and deliver a powerful message that will inspire you to stand up and make a difference.