Touch of Heaven

Touch of Heaven

3 Seasons

You are not alone. No matter how hopeless things may be for you right now, there is always a way through. Together, let’s seek breakthrough and victory in your situation right now as we pray, partake in communion, worship and get into God’s Word. Let’s truly seek God and all He is.

Touch of Heaven
  • Finding Your Courage

    Episode 1

    Worship is one of our best weapons when our lives are in chaos. Join us for worship, prayer, the reading of scripture and communion on Touch of Heaven. Hear from Hillsong United’s JD as he encourages us to find our courage by understanding the power of our praise.

  • Encountering The Holy Spirit

    Episode 2

    Do you need the Holy Spirit to bring you peace, comfort, healing or wisdom? The bible says that He is our helper and advocate, and one encounter with Him can change everything. Join us for prayer, worship and time in the Word as we seek the Holy Spirit and believe for your break-through.

  • Freedom from Oppression

    Episode 3

    Do you feel like you're stuck in a pit of mud? The bible says that God lifts us out of the mud and sets our feet upon a firm foundation. Join us for Touch of Heaven as we worship, read scripture and pray for freedom from the burdens that hold us back.

  • Relationship over Religion

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Creative Pastor David Ware speaks about the importance of Relationship over Religion. If you are tired, weary or burned out and need your soul refreshed; then join us as we pray, read scripture, worship and share communion together.

  • Facing Tests & Trials

    Episode 5

    Are you facing tests and trials today? Join us on Touch of Heaven as we pause to pray, worship, read scripture, share communion, and ask the question - where is God when we are in pain? By exploring the lives of Jesus and Job, host Duncan Corby shares some powerful insights on facing tragedy.

  • You Are Never Alone

    Episode 6

    Join us for Touch of Heaven as Pastor Lungz Makaula encourages us through a time of prayer, worship, reading scripture and taking communion as we explore the topic of isolation. No matter how alone we feel, God is always close.

  • Overcoming Anxiety

    Episode 7

    Hillsong College Principal Angela Bachtle shares her personal testimony of overcoming anxiety; and shows us how we can bring our anxieties before God. Join us as we pray, worship, read scripture, and take communion as we remember Jesus, the Prince of Peace who conquers fear.

  • Renewing Your Hope

    Episode 8

    Do you feel like you've given up hope? Is your soul heavy with disappointment? When our hope dies life can spiral quickly, but our God is a God of Hope! Join us as we pray, worship, read scripture and take communion, as Teaching Pastor Robert Fergusson speaks about Renewing Your Hope.

  • Dealing with Depression

    Episode 9

    Hillsong Creative Pastor Gabe Kelly shares his personal story of journeying through depression. If you find yourself in a dark place today then please join us for prayer, encouragement, worship and communion, as we strengthen ourselves in God for the journey ahead.

  • The Gift of Salvation

    Episode 10

    Pastor Sam Di Mauro shares his testimony of salvation and how putting his trust in Jesus Christ was the missing piece he'd been searching for. If you feel an emptiness or void, join us as we explore the gift of salvation today through worship, scripture, prayer and communion.

  • Who God Says We Are

    Episode 11

    Worship Leader and Creative Pastor Annie Garratt speaks about the important topic of identity and self-worth. Join us for worship, prayer, scripture and communion as we explore the life-changing revelation that we are who God says we are.

  • The Beauty in the Chaos

    Episode 12

    Though we may feel like giving up when we reach the end of our rope, often that's exactly where God needs us to be to experience breakthrough. Join Young & Free Pastor Peter Toggs as he brings encouragement around the idea of finding beauty in life's more chaotic moments and believes for God to m...

  • Receiving Healing

    Episode 13

    Ailments in our bodies and minds can be debilitating and often hold us back from pursuing God's calling. Join Pastor Margaret in this episode of Touch of Heaven as she prays for healing and stands with you in believing for breakthrough in your personal circumstance.

  • Restoring Your Soul

    Episode 14

    Jesus said “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.“ In this episode of Touch of Heaven join Pastor George Pingel as he prays for the Holy Spirit to bring restoration and refreshment to your soul and believes for burdens to be lifted from your life.

  • Finding Your Confidence

    Episode 15

    Setbacks can often leave us shaken and cause us to cast doubt on ourselves. In this episode of Touch of Heaven, Pastor Robert Fergusson encourages us through prayer, scripture and the taking of communion to set our eyes on Jesus and look to Him as the true source of our confidence.

  • Dealing with Disappointment

    Episode 16

    Disappointment weighs on us all and can even rob us of our joy. In this episode of Touch of Heaven Pastor Karly shares her impacting testimony as she leads us into an encounter with the Holy Spirit and believes for wounded hearts to be made whole and for renewed faith in our Saviour.

  • There Is Always More

    Episode 17

    In this episode of Touch of Heaven, Pastor Haydn Nelson encourages us that God always has more for His people and disappointment is not the end of the story. Dive in as we pray, worship and share in communion and believe for restoration and abundance.

  • Overcoming Fear

    Episode 18

    Fear weighs on us all but it should not have the last say. Lean in as Pastor Sam Di Mauro illuminates what the scriptures instruct us to do when confronted by fear and as he prays for victory and breakthrough in your life.

  • Reviving Your Faith

    Episode 19

    Faith is a journey of highs and lows. Join Pastor Scott Samways as he shares around a moment of personal crisis when his own faith was tested and prays for your faith to be strengthened and revived.

  • Living in the Now

    Episode 20

    We can all find ourselves dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Join us as we worship, pray and receive a word in season about living in the here and now from Pastor Jay Jury.

  • Jesus Our Provider

    Episode 21

    Stress and anxiety are very real. Lean into Pastor Margaret Stunt as she prays and believes for a profound encounter with the Holy Spirit and a sense of God’s peace that surpasses all understanding to touch your life.

  • Peace in The Presence of God

    Episode 22

    Scripture encourages us to “let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” Join singer-songwriter, Hannah Hobbs as she shares her story and leads us into an encounter with the Holy Spirit and prays for the peace of God to be present in your circumstance.

  • Restoring Your Trust

    Episode 23

    It’s not always easy to trust God. Join us for worship, communion and an encouragement from the scriptures as Pastor Allen Yam speaks into your circumstance and believes for your trust in God to be strengthened and restored.

  • God's Plan For Your Family

    Episode 24

    Stand with Pastors Sam and Kylie Di Mauro as they believe for God to do a powerful work in your family and pray for single-parents, households facing financial challenges and for family members who are not walking with the Lord.