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Victory with Paul Daugherty

Victory with Paul Daugherty

4 Episodes

Pastor Paul Daugherty and his wife Ashley lead a new generation with a practical, life-transforming message; a message of love, hope, healing and forgiveness.

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Victory with Paul Daugherty
  • Normal Has Shifted

    Episode 1

    We don’t just want to flatten the curve, God wants us to be ahead of the curve.

  • 10 Things The Lord Taught me in Quarantine

    Episode 2

    I'm not in control of the government, but I cam in control of how I govern my emotions. Don't make permanent decisions during the temporary circumstances. This will pass, don't lose heart.

  • God Favor The Bold

    Episode 3

    A crisis can either CRIPPLE you or CATAPULT you towards your destiny! RECLAIM YOUR BOLDNESS. Boldness is having the courage to TRY SOMETHING even if everyone says it’s not going to work.

  • This Problem Has Potential - Part 1

    Episode 4

    PROBLEMS are an OPPORTUNITY to GROW—they push us out of comfort, out of complacency, out of the routine, and cause us to use the tools GOD put inside us… PROBLEMS will PUSH us towards our PURPOSE--- GOD is more COMMITTED to you FULFILLING your PURPOSE than you FEELING comfortable.