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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Take Another Look At Prophecy - Part 2


Up Next in Brian Houston TV - 2020

  • First Words

    Pastor Brian Houston preaches a special message from South Africa on God's first words, 'Let there be'. Are we who we have been called to 'be'? What is our response and declaration during our troubles and uncertainty?

  • Fifty Things I Know About You

    Join Pastor Brian Houston for his series '50 Things I Know About You'. Do you seek instruction from God during difficult times? Brian talks about our reactions in hard times and how we can take comfort in the Lord.

  • Stand In The Power Of Your Amen

    Pastor Brian Houston teaches us to not lose heart and to stay firm in faith - we are called to be over-comers regardless of the situation. Brian encourages us declare 'Amen' into our prayers, digging deeper into our praise especially during tough times.