We Are Sisterhood

We Are Sisterhood

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Join Hillsong Church’s Co-Senior Pastor Bobbie Houston, founder of the Colour Sisterhood movement, as she brings inspiration and encouragement for your journey with practical insights from Scripture that will equip you to flourish in all seasons of life.

As a movement, the Colour Sisterhood has inspired women around the world to rise up, champion womanhood in all its magnificence and partner together in advocating for justice and social change. The Colour experience is always full of fun, life and creativity – with a strong humanitarian mandate towards the issues that women face around the world. Its appeal is far-reaching and it has proven a perfect and inspiring getaway for girls from all walks of life. ColourConference.com

We Are Sisterhood
  • Abundance & Capacity - Part 1

    Episode 1

    In part one of Pastor Bobbie Houston’s series on “Abundance and Capacity”, Bobbie teaches us about the ways our lives change as we change the abundance of our hearts. She also discusses how we can walk confidently and boldly into what we have been called to.

  • Abundance & Capacity - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Continuing with part two of her series on “Abundance and Capacity”, Pastor Bobbie Houston delves further into defining ‘capacity’ and how we can find it within: The Promise, The Truth and The Cause. Bobbie shares practical strategies that we can use to grow our capacity and flourish in life.

  • Abundance & Capacity - Part 3

    Episode 3

    In the third and final part of the series on “Abundance and Capacity”, Pastor Bobbie Houston encourages us around the God-prompted ‘YES’ and its importance to the effective woman of God.

  • 2017 Colour Recap

    Episode 4

    Pastor Bobbie Houston returns from taking Colour Conference 2017 around the world. She shares stories that are hilarious, insightful and encouraging to everyone.

  • Caught In A Divine Exchange, Interruption & Intervention

    Episode 5

    Senior Pastor Bobbie Houston shares incredible insight into the story of Lydia from Acts 16. Be sure to tune into this beautiful message about the divine exchange of those we encounter on the journey!

  • Lois & Eunice

    Episode 6

    What legacy are you building? In this episode, Pastor Bobbie Houston teaches on the importance of legacy and how to build one. She illustrates this using the lives of Louis and Eunice, a New Testament mother and grandmother who created a strong spiritual legacy that continues to this day.

  • The Cure For The World Is Vision & Prayer

    Episode 7

    We all need vision in order to flourish and move forwards in life. In this episode, Pastor Bobbie Houston teaches about having a vision for your life that positively shapes your identity, purpose and calling. She closes the message with a prayer of blessing over you.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Morning

    Episode 8

    Hillsong Sisterhood gathers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Pastor Bobbie Houston gives us some strategies for navigating the storms of life and teaches about the healing power of taking Holy Communion.

  • The World Needs A Golden Story

    Episode 9

    Teaching on Psalm 16 in the Passion Translation, Pastor Bobbie Houston brings a “heart injection” and encourages us to pursue greater intimacy with Jesus Christ.